Warframe Review (PS4)

4 Player Online Co-op your thing? Swords and Guns? Bit of free running? Download Warframe by Digital Extremes – you won’t be disappointed.

Warframe Review

You play as the ‘Tenno’ a race that has been in cryo sleep for centuries only to be awoken amidst a war with the Grineer, a race of human cyborg clones created by Corpus a huge corporation with laser technology and advanced robotics; and victims of the Technocyte virus which are disfigured humanoids.

The ‘Tenno’ use advanced exo-armor called Warframes that allow the wearer increased speed, agility and strength. This exo armor also allows the wearer to use various abilities depending on the type of Warframe i.e Stealth // Strength // Damage etc.


The game plays as a third person online multiplayer shooter . Login to the system and you are given a pretty extensive menu. The missions are all available at the ‘Star Chart’ Option where you will go planet to planet to accept and complete missions with up to 3 co-warframes.

The missions vary from assassination attempts to defending terminals from waves of attacking enemies and can be taken on individually but the more you progress you will notice that the difficulty will be too much for one player and then you require the help of strangers (ED. or friends).

Using a rifle and handgun for ranged attacks and a sword, axe, or hammer for close quarter encounters it takes some getting used to but soon you will chain these attacks together for some impressive takedowns.

The movement system takes some practice but once mastered you’ll be every part the cyber ninja you’d like to be with wall running back-flips aplenty.

Picking up collectibles and different cards throughout the early levels are very important and you’ll soon understand why when you attempt to kill the Grineer in the later levels of the second planet. This is where a tutorial would have come in handy.

I do suggest reading a lot of beginner tutorials on how to upgrade, Mod and fuse different cards and fusion cores to your warframe. It will improve the playability of the game and you will also be able to keep up with the higher level players you encounter.

Here is a very simple breakdown:

Your Warframe has a set number of attribute points. Attribute cards all have point values, which when equipped will spend those points.

i.e Your Warframe has 12 attribute points -> vitality card 4 points
Your Warframe now has 8 points remaining.

You can now add other cards that will improve different attributes of your warframe or give you abilities or Mod your current cards and increase their levels.

As you level up your Warframe you increase your attribute points allowing for more cards or higher upgrades of those cards – making your Warframe the best it can be.

To upgrade your weapons it’s the same premise as above adding cards and mods to those cards to increase damage, range and ammo capacity.

This modification process allows the player to create a Warframe that suits their play style perfectly.

You can craft too. As long as you have blueprints and the correct inventory you can make weapons, keys, sentinels and modifications. Everything is crafted in real time so your first crafted sword is going to take 12 hours. You can of course increase the crafting time by spending the all important platinum. You begin with 50 Platinum and through the game you collect credits that you can use to modify, buy weapons and purchase revive cards.

Warframe Screenshot

Now a free game wouldn’t be free if it didn’t have micro transactions….surprise, surprise – Warframe is no exception to the rule.

If you’re willing to spend REAL money then you can buy in-game currency, namely Platinum.

This will get you new warframes, weapons and mods and allow you to level up and kill things more efficiently. You can as always level up by putting in the time but you will find yourself spending a lot of hours just attempting to increase your level to even attempt to get past certain levels. We went to war with a Loki Warframe and have got to the 7-10 levels and he just can’t cut it with the enemies were facing. We don’t have enough attribute points or the weapons to back us up. This is where the game gets a little frustrating.

We can see the potential as long as you have the hours (or the bankroll) to put into it you can get a lot from it. Engaging missions, a complicated yet rewarding control scheme and plenty of collectibles, but as we’ve said above you will hit a brick wall with regards to leveling up and you will need to grind to get that xp to continue.

The game is free for download on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. FREE. So download it and try it for yourselves. If you’re big into MMORPGs you’ll more than likely enjoy it from the get go, if you’re a first person shooter fan it’s a nice introduction to the world of crafting and modification gameplay.

Final Score: 7.5/10

Warframe is available on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 as a free-to-play digital title.

Release Date: November 15th, 2013

Developer: Digital Extremes


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