Turtle Beach PX22 Gaming Headset Review

The Turtle Beach brand is often criticized for being sloppy with their products, launching products that get broken after couple of months of usage. The problem was with few of the Turtle Beach products so the complaints were genuine somewhat. But the company has learned, and has started to launch products that are, in simple words, awesome. So when it comes to top quality gaming headsets, the Earforce PX22 is one of the best in business.

Turtle Beach PX22 Review: Audio Performance

Being the official headset of the Major Gaming League, one can expect that the Turtle Beach Earforce PX22 gaming headset should (and must) have all the ingredients to make it an elite gaming headset. And frankly, it does (almost if you think the surround sound feature is a must as PX22 is a stereo headset).

Turtle Beach PX22 Review

Though PX21 fell short of expectations, the PX22 has covered the areas where its predecessor was lacking; be it the overall construction, design, performance, or even packaging.

The first impression of the PX22 implies that it is a nice looking gadget with plethora of features and it’s true somehow. But the performance is also as good as the looks so it is pretty much safe to say that this headset is for those who cannot compromise on looks along with the performance.

This particular Turtle Beach headset is designed for use on PC, Xbox 360, and PS3, but can be adapted for use on the Xbox One and PS4 with additional accessories.

Other gaming headsets are available for current-gen consoles. We suggest taking a look at our PS4 compatible headsets and Xbox One compatible headsets articles for more information if you need a mic for either of these platforms.

Inline Amplifier

The overall sound experience on different sources, be it the PC or the consoles (or even mobile devices), is terrific to say the least. So it doesn’t matter whether you are a PC freak or a console junkie, the Earforce PX22 will bow before its master. With excellent mids, lows and highs, the PX22 doesn’t disappoint at all when it comes to sound quality.

The Inline Amplifier lets you adjust your listening experience on-the-fly, according to your needs. With it, you can adjust bass, treble, chat volume, mic volume and audio level. Busy in an intense battle with lots of booms and bangs? Turn up the chat volume and summon your teammates to your aid.

All in all, the Earforce PX22 will not going to disappoint at all when it comes to performance.

Turtle Beach PX22 Gaming Headset

Turtle Beach Earforce PX22 Review: Design and Comfort

The Earforce PX22 is a lightweight, nice-looking headset designed to give you a comfortable gaming experience even after long gaming sessions. The ear cups are ‘closed-design’ and circumaural which keeps the external noise at bay. The breathable cushion cloth will keep your ears sweatless, enabling you to wear the headset for long periods without any trouble.

The microphone is attached to the left ear cup and can swivel in any direction. Keep in mind though that the mic is non-detachable so if you are planning to use these headsets outdoors, you may somewhat look a bit funny.

Turtle Beach PX2: Price Tag

The Earforce PX22 is available for about 80 bucks. At some retailers, you can find it for quite a discount which makes it an excellent choice for hardcore as well as average gamers. It is an older headset, though, which means its much harder to find in stock at major stores.

If you really want this headset your best options are probably going to be Amazon or eBay. Other retailers have stopped carrying it simply because its an older model and newer Turtle Beach headsets are available that are compatible with current-gen platforms out of the box.

We Grabbed the Item from Amazon!

Turtle Beach - Ear Force PX22 Universal Amplified Gaming Headset - PS3, Xbox 360, PC
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Turtle Beach - Ear Force PX22 Universal Amplified Gaming Headset - PS3, Xbox 360, PC
  • Independent Volume Controls - Separate game and chat volume controls plus mic...
  • Dynamic Chat Boost - Automatically raises the volume of chat during intense,...
  • Variable Mic Monitor - Adjust the volume of your voice in the headset while...

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