Tritton Warhead Wireless Gaming Headset Review

The Tritton Warhead may well be among the most expensive headsets out there for the Xbox 360, but gamers are quick to overlook that fact. After all, when taking everything into account it’s probably one of the best Xbox 360 headsets you’ll find available today. It just rocks and this Tritton Warhead review will show you why we think so.

Tritton Warhead Review

First things first. As you can see, these suckers don’t come cheap. At $75+, that’s a lot of dough for nearly anybody, especially scraggly gamers with part time fast food jobs. 😉 Of course, they’re still half as expensive as the Astro A50s yet you still get amazing sound quality out of them.

Tritton Warhead Review


When you look at the Tritton Warhead, it does appear quite impressive and somewhat expensive. Unlike the white Tritton AX720 which looks like it belongs to the Imperial Stormtrooper, the Warhead seems as if it’s designed for Darth Vader himself.

Plus, the Tritton Warhead is completely wireless no matter what version of Xbox you own. And I mean completely wireless! You can walk around with thing all throughout your hose with minimal interference because it’s connected to a powerful docking station. Boom!

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The Setup

No other headset will probably be easier to set up for the Xbox than the Tritton Warhead. That’s to be expected due to the licensing partnership with Microsoft. It is Tritton’s first high-end gaming headset designed with the Xbox 360 specifically in mind.

This is quite a relief for many Xbox fans, since this gaming console’s design is a bit on the quirky side. The headset is accompanied by a base station which takes care of the wireless connection. It will allow you to choose the sound mode you want, it charges the spare battery, and it also acts as a stand for the headset.

If you own one of the newer Xbox models, all you need to do is to connect the base station to the console with an optical cable, and you’re ready to roll. Even owners of older Xbox models have not been forgotten.

Looking for models that are compatible with Microsoft’s latest console? Read our article and find out what the best Xbox One headset is (we provide several options in several different budget ranges).

Tritton Warhead 7.1 Wireless Gaming Headset

It comes with a special audio adapter, so you can connect the optical cable even if the console doesn’t have a port for it. The next stage is attaching the detachable mic, and it’s very easy to do, as well. You just attach it to the left earpiece by using a 1/8 – inch jack.

Once this is done, you just need to press the sync button on the headset and then press the sync button on the console.

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While it may feel a bit on the heavy side for some people, for most the weight’s fine. It helps that it has a soft rubber strip underneath the headband so that it sits nicely on top of your head.

The headset offers a snug fit with the pentagon-shaped ear cups, and the faux leather ear pads not only cuts off the sound from the outside world but also offers some genuine comfort for your ears. Your ears may be sweating after a six-hour marathon session, but you’ll be comfortable, nonetheless.

Part of the comfort is that the controls are conveniently placed on the ear cups. You’ll have to train yourself first to use it properly, though.

Other Features

The placement of the controls on the Tritton Warhead gaming headset may initially cause you to inadvertently change an audio setting when all you want to do is to just adjust the headset on your head. The game and chat volume controls are separate and located in the ear cups.

There are also buttons which allow you to hear your own voice, to switch between different preset equalizer settings, and to switch between analog and digital inputs.

At the base of the mic, there’s also a button that enables you to mute your mic at any time (helpful for guys having a conversation with various irate women — moms, wives, and girlfriends), and there’s even a convenient red light at the end of the mic to tell you that you’re on mute.

Tritton Warhead Xbox 360 Headset

Finally, you also don’t have to worry about battery life. It will last for at least 12 hours (you’ll probably find a Tritton Warhead review which says that it can last for up to 16 hours) and there’s a spare battery, too. You can charge the spare while playing, and swapping them is quick and easy.

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Sound Quality

Its simulated 7.1 surround sound system is almost as good as the real 7.1 system. It will feel as if you’re there, and you’ll get an accurate idea of where every sound is coming from. The bass is deep and solid, the mids are clear, and the treble is crisp as should be.

The audio is so good that you won’t find it a problem to identify the sound of footsteps even through all the explosions and the music. You’ll also be able to discern where the gunfire is coming from, which is always a crucial advantage in shoot-‘em-up gameplay.

The chat quality is also excellent, although because of the dual volume dial setup you’ll have to do some minor adjusting at first. But once you get your levels right, chat quality is superb. In fact, you’ll be hard-pressed to find any Tritton Warhead review that reports any distortion, static, or dropouts.

The Warhead uses 5.8GHz frequency for wireless audio transmission, and that differentiates it from the 2.4GHz frequency used by other Microsoft peripherals. Unlike other wireless headsets, you won’t experience any dip in sound quality when you get farther away from the console, and there won’t be any dropped chats either.

Our Verdict

So it all boils down to one simple question: can you afford this headset?

This is probably the only true reason why you won’t be ponying up for this bit of Xbox gear. There’s no doubt that it’s spectacular, and that it absolutely justifies the rather exorbitant price tag if the Xbox is the only gaming console you play with. This isn’t the only Tritton Warhead review that’s come to this conclusion. Everyone’s saying the same thing.

However, your budget is still a rather important factor when determining whether to buy it or not. It’s a real-world problem, but when you’ve got this baby over your ears while playing the Xbox, the real world is easy to escape anyway.

Want to have one?

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