PS4 Sales Now Over 53 Million Thanks to December Surge

Sony announced earlier this month that sales of its PlayStation 4 gaming console have now surpassed 53.4 million. That is due to a hefty surge in unit sales over the course of the holidays. According to the tech giant, it sold more than 6 million PS4 consoles during the Christmas shopping season.

Sony claims that it intends to further increase global sales of the PlayStation 4 and its software by expanding the portfolio of games available for it, improve online services provided through PSN, enhance gaming experiences with PlayStation VR, and continue to make performance improvements on its most recent iteration of the system – the PS4 Pro.

PS4 and PS4 Pro

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The company will definitely have to keep adding value to the brand if it plans to support steady growth. Nintendo is on the verge of releasing it’s newest console – the Nintendo Switch – while Microsoft is supposedly planning to launch it’s more powerful entertainment system, currently dubbed Xbox Scorpio, in the latter part of 2017.

Sony currently relies heavily on the PlayStation brand for sales and profits since it is having a difficult time competing in other lucrative tech markets such as smartphones and TVs.

As of right now, Sony is definitely on top compared to rivals Microsoft and Nintendo. According to current estimates, Microsoft has only been able to sell roughly 26 million units of the Xbox One, putting it nearly 30 million behind Sony.

Various analysts have predicted that the Nintendo Switch will sell close to 40 million units by 2020 which, at the current pace, would put it ahead of Xbox, but still behind PlayStation. These are wild predictions, though. Some sources state that they believe the Switch will flop much like the Wii U.

Nevertheless, Sony is the top-dog in the gaming console industry at the moment. While the PS4 still has a long way to go to reach the success of platforms such as the PlayStation 2 or the original Nintendo Wii, it has won the console war of this generation thus far, netting Sony plenty of juicy profits.

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Source: [CNBC]

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