Play games on the PlayStation 4 a lot? Sick of having to get up every so often because your seat just isn’t good enough for hours of gameplay? Well, luckily, there are a ton of great gaming chairs that are compatible with PS4 that can solve that issue with ease.

Best PS4 Gaming Chair (2017 Edition)

There’s no two ways around it… long gaming sessions can take a toll on your body even though you’re just sitting still.

But why should you have to suffer? Well, you don’t!

Gaming Chairs for PS4

There are many different chairs available that are specifically designed for gaming. They’re comfy, provide ample lumbar support and cushioning for areas that tend to become fatigued, and they look pretty awesome, too. Find your own PS4 gaming chair below.

Our top picks for best gaming chair for PS4 include these models:

We provide our opinions of each chair further down the page, primarily highlighting the pros and cons of each one.

Best Gaming Chair for PS4

Today, we’re going to take a look at some awesome game chairs that are perfect for kids, teens, or adults that love to play on Sony’s PlayStation 4 video game console.

The chairs we’ve selected were chosen based on their compatibility with the PS4, how comfortable the chair is, price, and various other aspects. There are hundreds upon hundreds of options, but we’ve narrowed down our selection to just a handful.

X Rocker 51396

This is the Mac-Daddy of gaming chairs. It’s a touch on the large side, but that’s mainly because it’s built so well. The X Rocker 51396 has an ergonomic design to keep your back and the rest of your body intact and pain-free while you burn the midnight oil tearing through enemies in Call of Duty, hunting down dragons in Skyrim, or climbing competitive ranks in Overwatch.
X Rocker 51396

This is one of the most popular and best-selling game chairs available on Amazon. It comes highly recommended by both independent reviewers and everyday consumers.

Don’t believe us? Click here to read the Amazon reviews for the 51396 yourself!

The X Rocker 51396 has a cushy headrest, loads of cozy padding in the back, seat, and the armrests as well. It also features a built-in stereo system with 2 loudspeakers, plus an integrated subwoofer. It’s able to dish out crisp highs and booming lows with ease.

The audio system is, of course, compatible with the PS4 and is super easy to connect. It literally takes just a couple minutes to get everything connected.

This is one of the very few gaming chairs that is positioned atop a pedestal, too. This means you don’t have to be on the floor, plus the chair can swivel and recline backward for even more flexibility to help you get into your own personal comfort sweet spot while gaming. This is a superb PS4 gaming chair for teens and adults.

X Rocker 0717901

For PS4 gamers that want a chair that’s comfortable, has audio capabilities, and provides extra storage space for games, controllers, and other PlayStation 4 accessories, there’s the X Rocker 0717901.

X Rocker 0717901This is a great chair. It’s well made, very durable, extremely comfortable, pumps out great sound from your games, and it can hold all of your gaming necessities. What more could you ask for out of a game chair?

The integrated 2.1 sound system is top-notch, too. The speakers provide incredibly clear and crisp sound while the sub kicks so you can get the full experience of jump-scares in horror games, explosions in your favorite shooters, plus any other thuds, bangs, or booms your favorite titles incorporate into gameplay.

The X Rocker 0717901 is a pretty great PlayStation 4 gaming chair to have in any living room or mancave, too. I mean, it looks pretty slick. Not to mention it’s an incredible seat for just hanging out watching TV, sitting around chatting with your friends and family, and more.

X Rocker 5172801

For those of you that are fans of being close to the ground, but still want to sit on something that cushions your butt the X Rocker 5172801 is a fantastic choice.

X-Rocker 5172801

This chair has an awesome red and black design, provides an ergonomic seat with a great feel, has plenty of padding throughout the chair (including on the back, head, bottom, and armrests), and, yes, it also has one of X Rocker’s famous surround sound systems built directly into the chair!

Like other X Rocker PS4 game chairs, this one has controls for volume and bass giving you the freedom to customize the audio to your liking.

This is a popular PS4 gaming chair¬†among kids and teens, but can accommodate adults as well. The stylish red and black design makes it appealing to practically anyone, it’s a very comfortable chair, and it’s pretty durable.

Why so many picks from this one brand? You may have noticed that several of these are from the X Rocker gaming chair brand. That’s because this is one of the most prominent names on the market today aside from DXracer and others.

Proxelle Video Game Chair

Another great option for PS4 gamers is the Proxelle Video Game Chair.

Proxelle Video Game ChairThis one, like the X Rocker 0717901 mentioned above, is designed to provide gamers with a comfortable and stylish PS4 game chair while simultaneously adding in the additional bonus of storage space for controllers, games, TV remotes, and other odds and ends used with the PlayStation 4 console.

Plus, it features its own built-in audio entertainment system consisting of dual 3W speakers – one on each side of the headrest – so you can hear everything going on in your games as if you were actually in the virtual worlds you’re playing in.

Another great thing about this chair is the fact that it’s both adjustable and it can fold up. This means every person is able to adjust the chair to suit their personal seating preferences and it can be folded up and stowed away easily whenever it’s not in use.

The Proxelle Gaming Chair (PS4) is backed by a full money-back guarantee, too. And, yes, it’s fully compatible with the PlayStation 4.

Birdrock Adjustable Memory Foam Gaming Chair – Excellent PS4 Gaming Chair for Adults

For gamers that are looking for something not quite so flashy, but still functional, the Birdrock Adjustable Memory Foam Gaming Chair is definitely one to consider.

Birdrock Adjustable Gaming Chair

This chair lacks an integrated audio system, pockets for storage, or any other bells and whistles, but it’s perfect for people wanting a floor chair that’s super comfortable and suitable for hours upon hours of video game entertainment.

This is the best gaming chair for PS4 (or any other console) that is affordable, extremely flexible, easy to store, and it even comes in multiple colors including eggplant, brown, blue, lime, orange, pink, and purple. This makes it a great choice for both guy and girl gamers.

Birdrock’s Memory Foam game chair is also able to adjust to 14 different positions. It can be left upright for proper posture, reclined for a more laid-back experience, and much more. The cushioning is high-quality, too. It doesn’t flatten out after a couple months of use like other seat cushions do!

This concludes our top picks of gaming chairs for PS4. Got a friend or family member rocking another console? Be sure to check out our favorite gaming chairs for Xbox One, too!

The X Rocker Infiniti PS4 Gaming Chair

UPDATE: X-Rocker has announced they are adding a new PS4 gaming chair to their lineup that is officially licensed by PlayStation. The chair is called the X-Rocker Infiniti.

Here is a video overview of the newest chair in the X Rocker line:

The Infiniti chair is currently only available in the UK. It is designed to integrate seamlessly with the PlayStation 4, PS3, and PS Vita platforms. A date for a North American release has yet to be revealed. Once we get our hands on it, we will conduct a thorough review of it and compare it to other models we’ve already reviewed.

The X Rocker Infiniti currently retails for about $199. It is a pedestal-style gaming chair with the PlayStation logo, as well as the triangle, circle, x, and square button symbols on it. The only color it seems be available in is a black and neon blue configuration.