9 Things About the PlayStation 4 You May Not Even Know

It’s been a good while since the PS4 launched, and you’re probably already engrossed in a number of games by now. You may even be a trophy hunter of legend on many of the most popular titles at this point in the PlayStation 4 life-cycle.

But whilst playing these games, did you manage to delve into the many menus and settings that can be toggled to reveal some useful facts and ways to improve the user experience of the PS4? If you haven’t, you’re missing out.

PlayStation 4 Facts

Below, we look at some PS4 functionality you might have missed, as well as some other cool PS4 facts.

1. Turn off Your PS4 Controller With One Button Press

With the light bar, the motion control and touch pad, the PS4 has a shorter battery life than the PS3 controller. So what happens when you aren’t using the controller and you don’t want to waste battery life, but you are downloading or updating a game or even just simply have to take a phone call?

Well it couldn’t be more simple. All you need to do is hold down the PS button for a few seconds. Yep, that’s it!

2. Switch Between Applications by Double Tapping the PS Button

If you are a little stuck playing a game, or just need to check up on an online game guide, you may want to hop over to Google.

However, instead of grabbing your laptop or smartphone, a handy double tap of the PS button will bring up the last opened PS4 application. So, if you want the internet to be open, just press that option and search the internet for your guide, before double tapping again to get back to your game.

Tired of being uncomfortable sitting on a stiff chair or couch while playing your games? You may want to consider getting yourself a comfortable PS4 gaming chair to improve your experience.

3. Capture Video Directly from the PS4

After the 1.70 update, it was made possible for all those people who have YouTube channels and stream their game-play online, can do so straight from the console to their computer with the new highly requested feature which allows for HDCP to be switched off.

PS4 Video Recording

All you need to do is head over to the system settings and toggle HDCP off.

4. Your PS4 Can Continue Downloading Whilst on Standby

If you want to try to conserve a little energy, or you just want to get on with something else whilst a whole game is downloading, you can go to power saving settings and choose what your console does after it goes on standby.

The great part of this is that any updates, game downloads can all be done when you aren’t even using the console, giving you more playing time when you turn it on.

5. Automatic Pre-download of Pre-ordered Games

One part of the 1.70 PS4 update was the feature which gives users the ability to pre-download a pre-ordered game.

This gives you the chance to play your games sooner, as the game will download several days before release so that the game is ready to play on release day. This gives much more incentive to pre-order on the PlayStation Store.

6. Managing & Deleting Data Is a Breeze

On the PS3, deleting data was a chore. You had to go through multiple menus and when you did find what you wanted to delete it took a while to remove. On the PS4 however, the improved user interface has given the user a much easier way of looking though what is on the console.

All you need to do is head over to “System Storage Management” within the “Settings” menu, and you will see organised categories of everything on your PS4.

Sick of needless deaths in multiplayer games? Ditch that cheap mic. Check out this list of PS4 compatible headsets to see which ones are best for coordinating with your team and chatting with friends online.

7. Screenshots are Simple

By default, the Share button allows you to capture a screenshot by holding down the button, but this can be changed to make it easier to capture exactly what you want.

PS4 Controller Share Button

All you need to do is press the Share button, open the share menu, then hit options and select Share settings. Here, you can choose what the Share button does and you can adjust it to whatever your preference may be.

For God’s sake.. if you’re going to share something on Facebook or any other part of social media – use this feature! Don’t be the guy snapping pics of your screen with your phone. That’s beyond lame.

8. Playstation Plus is More Than Just Online Multiplayer

Most people have PlayStation Plus, but for the people who don’t, or who haven’t seen the point of it, let me explain some great parts of PlayStation Plus.

Firstly, it allows you play online which is an important part of many games, but unlike other online pay walls, offers you lots of extra incentives. These include new free games every month (Which stay yours for as long as you are subscribed), discounts on other games and even early access to betas for upcoming titles.

9. You can Upgrade the PS4 Hard Disk Drive (HDD)

If you ever run out of room on your current 500GB HDD, or you would just like to upgrade to a 1 or 2 TB HDD, you can easily slip it out and put another one in whatever size you wish.

Thankfully, this doesn’t void the warranty – unlike with other gaming consoles.

Got any more cool PS4 facts which some don’t know about? Share them with us in the comments below.

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