PlayStation Gold Wireless Headset Review

This article will give you a full review of the PlayStation Gold Wireless Gaming Headset made by Sony. We will be delving into its core features, explaining the pros and cons of the headset, and even comparing it to other comparable models from other brands.

PlayStation Gold Wireless Headset Review

First, we’re going to talk about what makes a great gaming headset overall. Then we’ll talk about the PlayStation Gold Wireless Headset itself – revealing our opinions of how comfortable it is, how the audio quality is, whether or not its worth the money, and so on.

PlayStation Gold Wireless Headset Review

So, without further ado… let’s jump straight into our PlayStation Gold Wireless Headset review

When it comes to playing with others online, having a good headset is key. There is nothing I hate more than not being able to hear my co-op partners when trying to communicate during intense games like Dead Nation and Mercenary Kings. The inability to hear others (and to likewise not be heard on the other end) can break an otherwise excellent gaming experience. Thus, having a great headset is a must for me.

At the same time, these dang things can be expensive. The high-end goods from manufacturers like Turtle Beach and Astro will cost you a good chunk of change, and some gamers, myself included, don’t have that big of a budget to devote to games themselves, much less a fancy-smancy headset with all the bells and whistles.

Sony made a good move by providing a small ear bud mic with each PS4 console (something they should have been doing with the PS3 as well), but those things are uncomfortable and the sound quality is not the best. So what is a cheap gamer to do?

Sony again has the answer, with the official PlayStation Gold Wireless Headset. It’s got it all…comfort, sound quality, interchangeability, and, last but not least, it is one heck of an affordable headset. There’s a good reason it made our list of the best PS4 headsets, after all.

Let’s dive into each of these categories a little more, shall we?

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How Comfortable is It?

A good feature to look for in a headset is the comfort. I personally detest earbuds, not only because they are uncomfortable but I hate the chore of having to clean the ear wax off them each time. I also do not like wired headsets, as they just add to the infestation of wires that has already taken over my gaming room/office. The PlayStation Gold Wireless Headset addresses all these issues.

PlayStation Gold Wireless Headset Review

The headset is light, so it does not weigh down on you once you slip it over your head. Both sides of the headset slide up and down with ease for quick adjustments, yet stay locked in so you don’t have to worry about it sliding off your head in the heat of battle. It’s a tight fit to provide support, but not too tight where you’ll be complaining about it being uncomfortable.

The power, volume, and mute buttons are located on the left earpiece, and once you train yourself where they are it is easy to adjust the volume on the fly without taking any attention away from gaming.

PlayStation Gold Headset Setup and Features

When playing on the PS3 and PS4, the PlayStation Gold functions as a wireless headset that is simple to set up. You simply plug the Bluetooth dongle into one of the USB ports on the front of either console, and the console will automatically accept it and start utilizing it…no need to play around in the accessories and sound tabs in the settings menu.

PS Gold Wireless Headset

When playing on the Vita the headset does have to be plugged directly into the handheld, so it’s not completely wireless but the wire does not get in the way. Just don’t be one of those jerks who takes the Vita into the bathroom with you while gaming with a buddy online…just because you CAN do it doesn’t mean you SHOULD.

Now I’ve read some reviews where people complained that the Gold headset from Sony felt “cheap” and that it would break easily, but I do not get that same feeling about it. Maybe if you’re a sore loser who tosses your headset across the room when you get sniped while playing Call of Duty you have reason to worry, but if you intend on using the headset responsibly, you have no reason to worry.

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PlayStation Gold Wireless Headset Review: Sound Quality

In this segment of our PlayStation Gold Wireless Headset review we’re going to talk about audio quality. This headset delivers a solid sound experience. You won’t find heart-thumping bass or anything that the $300+ headsets will net you, but it gets the basics down flawlessly. The back of the box notes it offers a 7.1 Virtual Surround Sound on the PS3 and PS4, but I have no idea what that means.

My biggest concern with headsets is the chat audio being drowned out by the in-game audio. The PS Gold headset puts other gaming headsets to shame by really bringing the chat audio in way over the in-game audio, which is essential when playing a co-op game online.

On the PS3 and PS4, the chat is crisp, clear and loud, and smoothly plays over the game audio. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for the Vita. Due to the lack of a USB port, you have to plug an audio wire into the Vita. Due to whatever technical mumbo jumbo, this stops the PS Gold from delivering the same sound quality, it does on the consoles.

When playing Earth Defense Force, Soul Sacrifice and Toukiden cooperatively the game audio ran right over the chat, making it hard to hear my buddy. The only way to hear him was to lower Vita’s volume to the second or third bar, and then it was still hard to hear him because he was so quiet. In the end, I stick with the earbuds that came packaged with the Vita since they make it slightly easier to hear the chat audio. It’s worth enduring the pain for the sake of being able to communicate with your buddy.

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I already touched on how easy it is to use the PlayStation Gold headset on the PS3 and PS4. The fact that it just requires a little dongle in the USB port makes it easy to bring the headset wherever I’m going in the house. It’s mainly in my game room where the PS4 is, but occasionally I want to watch a movie over Netflix in the living room where the PS3 is.

It’s no problem at all to bring the headset and dongle in there and start using it right away. And to be fair, the headset does function with the Vita, and would work fine if playing a game by yourself that didn’t utilize voice chat.

PS Gold dongle

I also experimented with plugging the dongle into my laptop and it worked fine with streaming audio. Just plug it in and the computer accepts it fairly quickly and you’re ready to roll. I also tried plugging it into the ports on both my Samsung and oCosmo TVs but it didn’t work with either one.

PS Gold Headset

So a headset that works with all three PlayStation systems, plus PCs, is pretty great. It sure beats having to track down each individual headset that only worked on one system.

PlayStation Gold Wireless Headset Price

The last thing I want to note about this headset is the price. Most decent headsets will cost you more than $150 to get a product worth buying, and some of the more upscale ones will go for $200 and up. That’s a lot to be asking for just a headset you will use to communicate with others while gaming.

Yet compared to those, the price of the PlayStation Gold headset is actually affordable. With a retail price of less than $100, it is easily one of the best options on the market. Not only is the price significantly lower than the competition, but the quality of the headset is very solid.

For those of us with a limited budget, the PS Gold headset is easily the best way to get your chat on with your PS3 or PS4.

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Recap of Our PlayStation Gold Wireless Headset Review

So let’s review. The PlayStation Gold Wireless Headset offers:

  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Wireless headset sets up with ease on the PS3, PS4, and PC
  • 7.1 Virtual Surround Sound that prioritizes voice chat over in-game audio, yet still brings out the game audio nicely
  • Affordable headset option with an MSRP of under $100


I wanted something wireless and cheap that I could use on both consoles, and the PlayStation Gold Wireless Headset filled those requirements. After using it for a couple of months now I feel confident in saying that it is an excellent option for those with PlayStations who don’t want to break the bank getting a flashy upscale headset.

For those of you who only want the best of the best and are willing to throw several Franklins toward a new headset, all is not lost. There is an upgraded version of this, too – called the PlayStation Platinum headset.

Thanks for reading our PlayStation Gold Wireless Headset review – we hope it’s been useful in helping you make your decision on whether or not to buy it.

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