A lot of gaming chairs are specifically designed for kids and teenagers. While that’s great for them – what are older gamers to do about getting a decent seat for playing video games? Lucky for us mature gaming enthusiasts some companies do make at least one gaming chair for adults.

Best Gaming Chair for Adults [2017 Model List]

Today, we’re going to tell you what we believe is the best gaming chair for adults, plus provide a list of others that we think are great for older generations of gamers.

Keep in mind, though, that our pick for the best gaming chair for adults may not suit every single person. For many, picking out a chair comes down to personal preference in style, available colors, the type of chair, and other aspects.

That said, let’s jump straight into.

The adult gaming chair brands we’re going to highlight today include:Video Game Chairs for Adults

  • X Rocker 51259 Pro H3 4.1 Wireless Audio Gaming Chair
  • DXRacer Formula Series Racing-Style Gaming Chair
  • BestOffice High-Back Racing Style Gaming Chair
  • Homall Executive Leather Racing-Style Gaming Desk Chair
  • X Rocker 5127401 Pedestal Video Gaming Chair
  • X Rocker 5142201 Commander 2.1 Audio Gaming Chair
  • Birdrock Adjustable 14-Position Memory Foam Gaming Chair

There are dozens of other chair models that you could take into consideration, but it’s our expert opinion that these chairs are the best around and the best suited for adult gamers.

Below, we provide a more in-depth summary of each chair outlining the pros and cons of each model, plus additional information and details about where to buy them.

Best Adult Gaming Chair – X Rocker 51259 Pro H3 4.1 Wireless Audio Gaming Chair

Our first pick is the X Rocker 51259 Pro H3 4.1 Wireless Audio Gaming Chair. A lot of the X Rocker chairs are geared toward younger gamers, but this one and some of the other pedestal-style chairs are definitely well-suited for more mature video game players.

This chair is well-built. It has a sturdy, durable frame, but still provides a great amount of comfort by way of plushy cushioning and a comfortable seat design.

Pros:X Rocker 51259

  • Very comfortable; plenty of cushioning
  • Integrated audio system
  • Vibration motors that sync up with bass from audio source
  • Audio input via wireless connection or RCA cables
  • Comfy arm rests
  • Great for playing games or just relaxing
  • Compatible with practically all consoles


  • Not adjustable in any way (no reclining or height changes)
  • Not designed for PC gaming at all

The chair has 4 speakers (2 on the sides of the headrest and 2 toward the front side of the seat itself), plus a subwoofer that pack serious audio punch. This on-board stereo system works well for game audio, but can also be used to listen to music or project audio from TV shows and movies.

The X Rocker brand has become a staple in the video game chair industry. They’ve dominated the space for several years with quality, unique chairs – most of which have built-in sound systems, a feature that is unique to the brand.

Best Gaming Chair for Adults Wanting a Desk Chair – DXRacer Formula Series

If floor or pedestal style video game chairs aren’t your thing we highly recommend checking out the DXRacer Formula Series Racing Style Office Gaming Chair.

Pros:DXRacer Formula Series Gaming Chair

  • Excellent build-quality (very sturdy and durable)
  • Very comfortable
  • Looks awesome
  • Ergonomic design
  • Reclines (quite far back, too)
  • Adjustable chair and armrest height
  • Armrests are well padded


  • Only available in black
  • Has a weight limit (200 pounds or less)

This is more like a typical office desk chair – but with a whole lot more flair. It’s stylish, extremely comfortable to sit in for hours on end, and it is easily one of the best made gaming chairs around (as are most DXRacer gaming chairs).

It doesn’t matter if you’re a console player or a verified brother of the PC master race – a DXRacer chair is a great asset to have for any adult gamer.

This is a MEGA brand in the world of gaming. Be sure to read our DXRacer vs Maxnomic and AKRacing vs DXRacer to see how their chairs compare to other big names in the racing-style gamer chair world.

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X Rocker 5127401 Pedestal Video Gaming Chair

Another great gaming chair for adults is the X Rocker 5127401 Pedestal Video Gaming Chair. It has many of the same qualities of the 51259 Pro H3 in terms of build quality and comfort. This mode, however, has a 2.1 sound system built-in.

Pros:X Rocker 5127401

  • Fast and easy to setup
  • Very comfy
  • Accommodates tall gamers with ease
  • Quality construction
  • Can recline a bit


  • Sits a little low (around 14 to 15 inches off the ground)
  • Only available in one color scheme

This is a very comfortable gaming chair and is even comfy for tall people. Many consumers between 6′ and 6′ 5″ have stated that the X Rocker 5127401 is a great choice for tall guys or women that want a chair that supports their height comfortably.

The 2 speakers push out great quality audio for your games, music, or any other audio input you decide to use with the chair. There’s also a subwoofer inside the chair that provides thumping, deep bass.

This X Rocker chair model doesn’t have the wireless audio capability of the H3 Pro, but works well with any source (such as consoles and TVs) that are able to utilize direct input cables.

X Rocker 5142201 Commander 2.1 Audio Gaming Chair

Another awesome pedestal-style option is the X Rocker 5142201 Commander 2.1 Audio Gaming Chair. This is pretty similar to the model mentioned above, but it has a slightly more modern look to it and is made with different materials.

Pros:X Rocker 5142201 Commander

  • Comfy, ergonomic design
  • Stylish and modern appearance
  • On-board 2.1 sound system
  • Padded armrests that flip up
  • Tilts back and forward; swivels on pedestal
  • Elevated seat (around 16 inches off the floor)
  • Easy to assemble


  • Doesn’t support wireless audio
  • Doesn’t recline back very far

This is still an incredibly comfortable chair to sit and play Xbox, PlayStation, or Nintendo console games in. The back, seat, headrest, and arms are all well-padded and make for a relaxing experience.

The chair has an ergonomic design to help alleviate pressure and provide a comfortable gaming experience. It also has tilt and swivel abilities that allow the user to better position it for their own personal sitting preferences. This makes it a good option as a gaming chair for adults.

Like the X Rocker mentioned above, this chair features an on-board 2.1 audio system consisting of 2 speakers and a subwoofer. The audio quality is pretty good and the system works with any source that’s compatible with RCA-style output cords.

Birdrock Adjustable 14-Position Memory Foam Gaming Chair

Our next selection for a good adult gaming chair is the Birdrock Adjustable 14-Position Memory Foam Gaming Chair. This is one of the very few floor-sitting gaming chair models that we recommend for adults. And the reason is how supportive and comfortable it is.

Pros:Birdrock Gaming Chair for Adults

  • Can adjust to 14 different positions
  • Extremely soft, plush fabric with memory foam
  • Very, very comfortable seat
  • Gives excellent lumbar support
  • Easy to stow away when not in use
  • Available in 8 different colors
  • Blends in beautifully with regular living room or bedroom furniture
  • Fairly easy to clean


  • Designed for floor use only
  • Back could be a little higher

Don’t let it’s simple appearance fool you – this is one of the most comfortable gaming chairs you’ll ever sit it. It’s extremely well-cushioned and feels like a dream to sit in. Yes, it’s designed for sitting on the floor, but it’s awesome.

The chair itself can adjust to 14 different positions from perfect posture sitting up, to a relaxing reclined mode, all the way to a fully horizontal, flat-lying position. So you can literally sit however you please and be as comfortable as possible while you game the night away.

BestOffice High-Back Racing Style Gaming Chair

Next up on our list of the best gaming chairs for adults is the BestOffice High-Back Racing Style Gaming Chair. This is another desk-chair model. It’s an excellent chair for gamers that want something comfortable that’s easy to set up, is built to last, and relatively simple in design.

Pros:BestOffice High-Back Racing Style Gaming Chair

  • Sturdy construction
  • Comfortable seat
  • Padded armrests
  • Easy to put together
  • Adjustable height via lever
  • Smooth rolling
  • Available in blue, red, or white design
  • Very affordable


  • No reclining feature
  • Does make a good bit of squeaks and creaks

The chair itself has a great look to it. It has an authentic racing-style bucket seat appearance and feel to it. It feels great to sit in and the armrests have a good amount of padding as well to keep your arms from experiencing fatigue while gaming, working, or just browsing the web.

The seat is adjustable in height and has caster wheels that roll fairly smoothly on nearly any surface. The chair does lack a recline option, but that’s good for those that want to keep great posture!

Overall, it’s a well-made chair that looks and feels great. The price is definitely a plus as well. It’s one of the most affordable options on our list and makes for a decent adult gaming chair.

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Homall Executive Leather Racing-Style Gaming Desk Chair

Our next selection is the Homall Executive Leather Racing-Style Gaming Desk Chair. This is yet another sporty desk-style gaming chair with a very attractive price point.

Pros:Homall Executive Leather Racing-Style Gaming Desk Chair

  • Awesome appearance
  • Super comfy bucket seat
  • Soft headrest
  • Cushioned armrests
  • Wheels don’t mark, roll well on all floor types
  • Ergonomic design with superb lumbar support
  • Rocking and reclining funtionality
  • Very easy to assemble
  • Affordable price


  • Non-adjustable armrests
  • Support bar can be felt through back of seat

This Homall gaming chair for adults offers a premium look and feel for a mid-grade price. The chair is made with comfy PU leather and mesh. It’s plump with cushion for your back, butt, arms, and head. The chair provides ample lumbar support, too.

Some of the best features of this adult gaming chair are its incredible comfort, the non-marking caster wheels that give smooth, quiet rolling, a large, cushy bucket seat that’s great for even the longest gaming sessions, an easy-to-clean surface, and more.