Cooler Master Storm Sirus 5.1 Gaming Headset Review

Though not as popular as Razer or Logitech, Cooler Master does have a presence among hardcore gamers thanks to its wide range of quality gaming products. And when it comes to gaming headsets, their Cooler Master Storm Sirus 5.1 Gaming Headset is one that can easily be listed as one of the best gaming headsets.

Cooler Master Storm Sirus Review

Cooler Master is known for producing top-notch products that wear reasonable price tags; at least when comparing their products with the same tier products of other manufacturers. And the Cooler Master Storm Sirus is no exception i.e. if you consider the features, performance, and quality of this product, and then check out its price, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Cooler Master Storm Sirus Review

CM Storm Sirus is targeted towards hardcore gamers; the ones who need all those shiny gadgets to achieve that “extra edge” that can turn the tide in their favor during close calls. So you need to create something that can withstand the fierce market competition and can attract the pack towards your product. CM has tried its best and so far, they have been quite successful.

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How’s the Audio Quality?

Performance wise, Sirus is a beast, literally. CM claims that Storm Sirus gaming headset outputs true 5.1 Surround Sound and quite frankly, they are right. Each ear cup is equipped with 4 speakers (total of 8 in both ear cups) i.e. three 30mm drivers and a 40mm driver as a subwoofer. This gives you a complete 360 surround output so that you can always be a step ahead against your competition.

If you are wondering about what the heck is surround sound, we have given a brief explanation about it while reviewing the Astro A40 gaming headset.

CM Storm Sirus

Overall, the Cooler Master Storm Sirus 5.1 headset produces crystal clear audio with excellent mids, highs, and lows. Sometimes, in spite of having great sound quality, a headset gets a beating due to its mediocre microphone. And quite frankly, when you’re spending some serious cash, you can’t just ignore and get on with it. So how good the Sirus mic is? The answer is: good enough.

The unidirectional microphone ensures that your communication should be carried out smoothly in noisy environments such as of gaming cafes and LAN parties. So when you want to curse your teammates for letting you down, do it and the mic would ensure that they get every single word. But before you do, turn off the mute light.

In a nutshell, CM Storm Sirus is almost perfect for anything (related); be it for watching movies, listening to music, or for playing video games. For the best experience, you have to play with the tactical mixing console, the spaceship-like gadget that lets you adjust each channel along with the Sirus Software, according to your requirements.

This Cooler Master headset is designed for PC use. Looking for a console model? We recommend checking out our HyperX Cloud 2 review or viewing our top-rated gaming headset lists to find an appropriate model for your needs.

Technical Specs:


Channel: True 5.1 surround sound
Driver: F/R/C: 30mm Sub: 40mm
Impedance: F/R/C: 32 Ohms Sub: 16 Ohms
Transducer principle: Dynamic closed
Ear coupling: Circumaural
Ear cushions: Detachable micro fiber
Sensitivity: >105dB
Frequency Response: 10Hz – 20,000Hz
Distortion: Less than 1%


Pick-up pattern: uni-directional
Frequency Response: 100Hz – 10,000 Hz
Impedance: 2.2k Ohms
Sensitivity: -46 dB ±3dB

CM Storm Sirus Review: Design and Comfort

There’s no shame in craving for a headset that makes its owner look like a “real deal”; however, one can’t compromise the comfort factor for the sake of looks. So if you are one of those who are looking for something badass, which doesn’t give you headaches as well, you are in luck.

Cooler Master Storm Sirus Gaming Headset

Having circumaural, closed-end ear cups design achieves two objectives; it keeps the background noise away from you and it keeps your ears comfy. And the cushion on the headband ensures that you have a comfortable gaming experience, even after long hours of intense battles.

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Cooler Master Storm Sirus Review: Cables

Unfortunately, when it comes to cables’ length, Cooler Master has messed up a bit. Usually, it won’t be an issue if you stick to the normal route but if you plan to skip the round shaped control pod, you’ll feel that the connecting cable is a bit short.

Overall, you will not be going to have any major complaints (hopefully no minor ones as well but that depends from person to person) as far as design is concerned aside from the ones that we have mentioned.

CM Storm Sirus: Price Tag

The Cooler Master Storm Sirus is a premium-grade gaming headset. As such, it’s a bit pricey. You can usually get it for under $200, but don’t expect to find it much cheaper than that. This is an incredible headset that’s great for PC gamers needing high audio fidelity for Discord, Teamspeak, or other chat platforms.

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