Looking to get a gaming chair for your PC or console gaming obsession without spending a fortune? Believe it or not, there are actually some very affordable chairs that provide ample comfort and functionality for most gamers. Today, we’re going to take a look at some fantastic, cheap gaming chairs that you should take into consideration.

Cheap Gaming Chairs

Gaming has quickly become one of the most popular pastimes among kids, teens, and adults. That’s why accessories for PC and console have become a hot commodity.

Today, there are hundreds of different gaming chairs on the market. They come in different sizes, styles, and more. Some are specifically designed for PC gaming while others are more tailored for use with consoles such as the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Cheap Gaming Chairs

For that reason, we’re going to segment our breakdown of affordable gaming chairs by platform.

Below, we provide the top 5 chairs for each medium (PC, Xbox One, PS4, etc). These options are far cheaper than say a DXracer chair or other similar brands.

Affordable Console Gaming Chairs

Let’s kick things off with the Sony PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. There are dozens of awesome gaming chairs that are compatible with both of these platforms. Nevertheless, we’ve chosen just 5 to narrow down your selection.

These chairs were picked based on the level of comfort they provide, additional functionality each chair offers, price, and more.

Price not an issue? Then be sure to check out our lists of the best PS4 gaming chairs and best Xbox One gaming chairs – there are some seriously great options available for gamers with slightly bigger budgets!

Cohesion XP 2.1 Gaming Chair with Audio

This chair has been a best-seller over on Amazon for a while now. The Cohesion XP 2.1 Gaming ChairCohesion XP 2.1 Gaming Chair with Audio easy on the wallet, looks cool, is equipped with dual speakers that can project your game audio, has a volume control panel, is super lightweight, and it’s also fairly comfortable.

It’s hard to come by a video game chair at this price point that is actually worth getting. Most other chairs in this price range don’t have any onboard audio systems, are made from cheap materials, and aren’t usually too comfy.

This Cohesion gaming chair breaks the mold. It’s not as well-padded as some of the pricier models, but it still looks awesome, has decent audio, and serves its purpose. It’s a great choice for kids and teens. Adult gamers may want something with more cushioning.

Click here to check current prices for the Cohesion XP 2.1 chair on Amazon.

Cohesion XP 2.1 Gaming Chair with Audio
377 Reviews
Cohesion XP 2.1 Gaming Chair with Audio
  • Gaming chair; made to be used while you're playing video games
  • Has two wired receiver audio speakers built into the chair
  • Also equipped with volume control and in/out headphone jacks
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Meets or exceeds all Consumer Product Safety Commission standards

V Rocker 5130301 SE Video Gaming Chair

V Rocker 5130301 SE Video Gaming ChairThe V Rocker 5130301 SE Video Gaming Chair is a bit more expensive than the Cohesion chair mentioned above, but it also has a lot more going for it.

This chair has an ergonomic design to keep your back from experiencing fatigue, provides a good amount of padding that makes it fairly comfortable to sit in for a while, and the audio output is pretty decent, too. Overall, it’s a pretty good gaming chair for kids, teens, or adults under 250 pounds.

The built-in audio system on the V Rocker 5130301 includes two forward-facing speakers located on either side of the headrest, plus a bass-thumping subwoofer on the backside of the seat. The hookups allow users to utilize this audio system for both games and music.

It’s easy to use, has easily accessible audio controls, and the sound is surprisingly good, too. Definitely a decent gaming chair to use for Xbox, PlayStation, or Nintendo consoles.

See the current price and read reviews for the V Rocker 5130301 by clicking here.

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Ace Bayou V Rocker 5130301 SE Video Gaming Chair, Wireless, Black with Grey
335 Reviews
Ace Bayou V Rocker 5130301 SE Video Gaming Chair, Wireless, Black with Grey
  • You Can Feel the Sound with V Rocker Interactive Audio
  • Two Forward Facing Speakers with Powerful Subwoofer
  • Wireless Audio Transmission and Headphone Jack
  • Side Control Panel with volume, bass control, and input/output jacks
  • Ergonomic Design with Full Back Support

BirdRock Adjustable Memory Foam Gaming Chair

The BirdRock Home Adjustable 14-Position Memory Foam Gaming Chair is a rather unique entry on this BirdRock Adjustable Memory Foam Gaming Chairlist. It’s pretty affordable compared to some other models, it’s extremely comfortable, it has an elegant design, and it comes in a variety of colors.

Unlike a lot of the other video game chairs on this list, however, it does not have any onboard audio system. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, though. Considering most modern TVs have great sound anyway, and a lot of households already have existing surround sound systems – it’s not a deal-breaker.

The biggest selling point for this chair is how ridiculously comfortable it is. Seriously, you could fall asleep on this thing – it’s super soft and amazingly comfy!

It also looks pretty good sitting in your living room or den. It features a design that mimics modern furniture and is available in a number of different colors including brown, eggplant, grey, lime, orange, pink, and purple.

This is a fantastic console gaming chair for kids, teens, and adults. It’s more than capable of supporting people up to 250 pounds and is even suitable for taller individuals.

Click here to learn more about this chair and see how much it costs on Amazon.

BirdRock Home Adjustable 14-Position Memory Foam Floor Chair | Padded Gaming Chair | Comfortable Back Support | Rocker | Great for Reading Games Meditating | Fully Assembled | Eggplant
474 Reviews
BirdRock Home Adjustable 14-Position Memory Foam Floor Chair | Padded Gaming Chair | Comfortable Back Support | Rocker | Great for Reading Games Meditating | Fully Assembled | Eggplant
  • COMFORTABLE: designed with high quality chopped memory foam and soft plush fabric to give a comfortable seat on any floor. The memory foam conforms to your body giving you a perfect seat
  • ADJUSTABLE: easily adjust the floor into 14 different positions allowing you to lay the chair flat to take a nap, lounge to watch your favorite movie or use at 90 degrees to play board games
  • Universal USE: the chair gives you a variety of options for how to use it. Allows you to read your latest book, meditate comfortably on the floor or play board games with your family! Great for adding extra seating when friends and family come over to watch the game! Perfect for kids playing games, reading, coloring, or playing
  • EASY STORAGE: lay the chair completely flat to store under your bed or tall couch. Also lay the chairs flat to stack them on top of each other making them easy to put away
  • DELIVERED FULLY ASSEMBLED. DIMENSIONS: Flat Position Dimensions: : 21.25" Width x 41.25" Depth x 6" Height. 90' Degree Position Dimensions: 19" Width x 23" Depth x 22.5" Height. Weight: 10.5 lbs.

X Rocker 5171101 Drift Wireless 2.1 Sound Gaming Chair

X Rocker 5171101 Drift Wireless 2.1 Sound Gaming ChairNext up is the X Rocker 5171101 Drift Wireless 2.1 Sound Gaming Chair. This one is a bit pricier than the other cheap gaming chair models mentioned on this page, but don’t let that scare you. It still won’t break the bank and it offers a lot for your money.

The chair features an awesome 2.1 surround sound system that’s built right into the chair in the form of 2 speakers within the headrest and a sub. This is managed by a control panel that is recessed into the side of the chair where you can easily just reach down and adjust the volume and bass levels by simply turning a knob.

The X Rocker 5171101 also comes in a neat racing-inspired design. It has a black and white checkered pattern that gives it a distinct and awesome appearance.

This chair is fairly comfortable, works well for console gaming, mobile gaming, or even just listening to music. All of this is easily done by simply connecting your audio source to the chair via the RCA inputs. It even comes with an RCA cable to make connecting a breeze.

Overall, it’s a decent video game chair and it’s fairly inexpensive compared to other X Rocker models. The X Rocker 51396, for example, is far more expensive!

X Rocker 5171101 Drift Wireless 2.1 Sound Gaming Chair, Black/White Checkered Flag
103 Reviews
X Rocker 5171101 Drift Wireless 2.1 Sound Gaming Chair, Black/White Checkered Flag
  • Two speakers and a subwoofer use AFM Technology for a total 2.1 sound immersion experience
  • Built-in radio wireless receiver and included wireless transmitter work with any source with RCA outputs; optional RCA cables included
  • Racing-inspired black and white checkered style looks cool in any room
  • Separate controls for volume and base allow control over your sound experience
  • Great for mobile gaming, listening to music, watching TV, reading, and relaxing

Merax Swivel Video Rocker Gaming Chair

Finally, we come to the last cheap gaming chair we recommend for consoles. That is the Merax Swivel Merax Swivel Video Rocker Gaming ChairVideo Rocker Gaming Chair. This is a very high quality chair designed for gamers that is relatively affordable considering how great this seat is.

It has a sturdy steel frame, high-density foam padding that provides an incredibly comfortable surface to sit on for hours has a small base that allows it to swivel a full 360 degrees, and the chair can even be folded up for quick and easy storage.

Want more options? Be sure to read our full Merax gaming chair review to learn about other models this brand makes.

This is a superb chair for kids and teens but is also a great choice for adults that want something to relax in while playing their favorite games. It’s even great for people with back issues as it relieves tension and pressure on your back while providing plenty of support so you don’t strain any muscles or experience fatigue while playing video games, watching TV, or just hanging out with friends and family.

Click here to check out the Merax gaming chair on Amazon.

Merax Swivel Video Rocker Gaming Chair Adjustable Angle Chair Folded Floor Chair, orange
50 Reviews
Merax Swivel Video Rocker Gaming Chair Adjustable Angle Chair Folded Floor Chair, orange
  • Releasing the back fatigue, it is a great seating for floor activities like playing games, reading and watching TV
  • Steel frame, padding in high-density split foam to create super comforter feeling
  • Cotton knitting fabric cover
  • 360 Degree swivel for easily move
  • The chair can be fully folded and easy to store

Cheap Gaming Chairs for PC

Prefer to play your games in front of a monitor? Well, don’t worry – there are plenty of great cheap gaming chairs available for our PC brethren as well!

PC gamers require a different style of chair, though – one that more closely resembles an office chair, since you’ll be seated at a desk rather than in front of a TV.

Below we’ve provided a list of 5 of the best PC gaming chairs that are comfortable, stylish, and very affordable.

Homall Ergonomic Racing High-Back Gaming Chair

Homall Ergonomic Racing High-Back Gaming ChairOur favorite option is the Homall Ergonomic Racing High-Back Gaming Chair. This thing looks incredible, gives you a premium seat feel, and it’s priced very, very well considering the quality of the chair.

The chair is well-built, very sturdy, can support individuals up to 280 pounds, and it even comes in a few different color variations including an all-black model, blue and black, red and black, and an all-red model.

This Homall gaming chair has adjustable armrests, 360-degree swivel capabilities, wheels that don’t damage or markup wood or tile floors, it has a gorgeous and smooth leather exterior, and it rolls around both easily and quietly.

This is a superb chair to get for PC gaming. It’s honestly much cheaper than it should be. Homall knocked it out of the park with this one. The chair is close to perfect and the price is easy to swallow, too.

Got a bit more money to blow and want a racing-style chair? Some of the most reliable brands for this type of gaming chair are ones like DXRacer, AKracing, and Maxnomic. Read our DXRacer vs Maxnomic and AKRacing vs DXRacer articles to learn more about these chair companies.

Homall Ergonomic Series Executive Computer Gaming Office Racing Style Swivel Chair with High Back,Seat Height Adjustment (Red)
267 Reviews
Homall Ergonomic Series Executive Computer Gaming Office Racing Style Swivel Chair with High Back,Seat Height Adjustment (Red)
  • Design:360 Degree Swivel and Multi-direction Wheel Move Smoothly On Floor
  • Material:PU Leather around this gaming chair including armrest good for your skin perfectly provide you have an extremely comfortable seating
  • Function:The whole gaming chair can rocked back and forth which is suitable for napping and seating during busy working days and wonderful experience in intense gaming moment
  • Load Capacity:280-pound maximum weight capacity,Seating Area Dimension: 20.9" X 21.6" Back Rest Size: 20.5" X 28.34" Adjustable Seat Height: 18.1"-21.2"
  • Homall lifetime exchange warranty: free exchange for installtion problems, damage and missing parts. We are glad to exhcange your chair or refund your money if you don't like the chair your purchase, no extra fee required.

Giantex Executive Racing Style Gaming Chair

Another fantastic option is the Giantex Executive Racing-Style Gaming Chair. This one has a sleek, sexy Giantex Executive Racing Style Gaming Chairdesign, is capable of supporting gamers up to 250 pounds, has well-cushioned armrests, is able to swivel a full 360 degrees, and the height is easily adjusted by a simple lever.

The chair itself is very comfortable. The seat and the armrests are both filled with dense foam that is soft, but still supportive. The chair has incredible lumbar support and is very easy on your buttocks even during those long MMO raiding sessions.

The wheels are castor, allow the chair to roll around on most floor surfaces with ease, and are durable. This is a pretty luxurious PC gaming chair for the price.

X Rocker 0287401 Executive Office Gaming Chair

X Rocker 0287401 Executive Office Gaming ChairYes, X Rocker has also dipped into the PC gaming market. The X Rocker 0287401 Executive Gaming Chair is one of the only chairs that features an elegant design, is comfortable, and includes on-board audio.

The chair looks great, is perfect for both the office or home, has built-in speakers for an incredibly immersive audio experience, and it’s comfy, too.

The audio system is great. It works well with any Bluetooth enabled device, whether it be your PC, your smartphone, or even a gaming console. The seat is completely adjustable with both tilt and swivel functionality, it rolls well on hard surfaces, and it’s priced well-considering everything you get with the chair.

The X Rocker 0287401 is a pretty decent choice for PC gamers. It’s a relatively cheap gaming chair that is suitable for PC gaming or just for anyone that wants a modern, sleek, and comfortable chair for their home or office.

Office More Leather Swivel Gaming Chair

Need a chair that’s stylish, comfortable, and able to support a larger frame? Then the Office More Office More Leather Swivel Gaming ChairLeather Swivel Gaming Chair may be just what the doctor ordered.

This is a great looking chair that combines devilish-good looks with comfort and raw power. The chair is able to support large loads for individuals up to 440 pounds. It’s a high-back style chair with great padding, superb lumbar support, oil and water resistant leather upholstering, and more.

The Office More Leather Swivel Gaming Chair is capable of rotating a full 360 degrees, is equipped with smooth-rolling casters, and has an easy-to-use height adjuster as well. The chair is sturdy, very well made, and is extremely easy to clean.

We highly recommend this model for the bigger guys and gals that want a sleek and functional chair for gaming on PC.

Mecor Ergonomic Leather Office Chair, Executive Swivel Computer Desk Chair Racing Style Gaming Chair for Home and Office,Red
98 Reviews
Mecor Ergonomic Leather Office Chair, Executive Swivel Computer Desk Chair Racing Style Gaming Chair for Home and Office,Red
  • 360 DEGREE SWIVEL CHAIR-360 swivel rotation with 5 castor wheels allowing you to ride over any surface,perfect for your home and office
  • HEIGHT ADJUSTABLE-Pneumatic seat-height adjustment lever allow you to easily adjust the seat by uplifting the handle, and this chair can be rocked back and forth allow you to customize the chair for convenience and support
  • MATERIAL-Soft PU leather and sponge upholstery ,breathable mesh material and sturdy metal wheel legs for greater stability
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN-soft headrest and adjustable armrests to ensure you can spend hours in,providing you superior comfort,racing style with padded seat
  • PRODUCT SIZE-24.80"Lx26.97"Wx44.88"-48.82"H,Seat Height:18.5"-22.4";Weight Capacity:260 Lbs

Bellezza Executive Gaming Chair

Bellezza Executive Gaming ChairFinally, we come to our last pick – the Bellezza Executive Gaming Chair. This is a cheap gaming chair for PC with a racing-style bucket seat, 360-degree swivel, a very modern look, and loads more.

This affordable game chair features flip-up armrests, a well-padded back (headrest and bottom too), a very elegant design, and it works well for PC gaming. It comes in 3 different color varieties: black & white, blue & black, and red & black.

This Bellezza gaming chair has a maximum weight capacity of 300 pounds. The height can be adjusted between 18 and 21 inches. The seat is covered with PU leather and mesh fabric in some spots. The casters roll very smoothly over most hard, flat surfaces giving you ample mobility.

We truly believe this is an excellent, affordable gaming chair for PC players. The price is great, the build quality is pretty good, it’s a comfortable chair, and it looks fantastic sitting at a desk. It’s definitely worth taking a look at if you’re in the market for an inexpensive PC chair that looks good and provides plenty of comfort and functionality.

That wraps up our list of cheap gaming chairs for consoles and PC! There are tons of other options out there, but these are by far some of the best options we’ve come across that are both useful and affordable.

Bellezza Executive Racing Style Bucket Seat PU Leather Office Chair Computer 360° Swivel, Black
124 Reviews
Bellezza Executive Racing Style Bucket Seat PU Leather Office Chair Computer 360° Swivel, Black
  • Belleze Ergonomically design for comfort for those who work at desks for long periods with flip up Arm Rest
  • 360 degree swivel rotation with Dual Wheel -Casters for easy Gliding over any floor surface.
  • Ergonomically enhanced for lumbar support and individual positioning at any keyboard or desk with pneumatic height, tilt lock and tension control adjustments.
  • Chair designed in a way that allows modification to accommodate individual requirements of different office users by giving additional features of Flip-up arm rest which makes the user more comfortable during work hours especially when working with computer to close position to the desk or the conference table
  • Great for computer gaming, mobile gaming, or listening to music at your desk |