Best Projector for Gaming: Fantastic Models for Console or PC Games

The vast majority of gaming enthusiasts play their favorite video games on either a TV screen or a monitor, but there is another type of screen that can be utilized as well – a projector. Today, we’re going to outline what we believe is the best projector for gaming, plus give a few alternatives.

Best Projector for Gaming

Why use a projector for video games? While not the most conventional, projectors are relatively affordable, work well, and can create massive screens.

Best Projector for Gaming

For one, you can cast your games to a massive screen (over 100 inches in many cases). Second, projectors are portable making them great options for gaming on the go. Finally, a decent projector is often the same price or cheaper than a TV of the same quality. There are some pricey ones, but they’re primarily for diehard gamers.

All of these things combined make projectors an excellent choice of screen for dedicated gamers. The technology within these devices has also improved greatly over the years.

Many projectors are capable of full HD or better video output, compatible with anything from a smartphone to a PlayStation 4, and some even come in compact sizes.

So, what is the BEST projector for gaming? Down below we reveal what we believe is the top model to use, plus provide a few other great alternatives.

Optoma GT1080 Gaming Projector

For the ultimate big-screen gaming experience without lag, stutter, or any other issues – we highly Optoma GT1080 Gaming Projectorrecommend checking out the Optoma GT1080 Gaming Projector.

This is the gold standard when it comes to superb video quality, ridiculous screen size, and quiet operation. The GT1080 features incredible video clarity, beautiful color, full HD, great brightness, and it’s also relatively compact.

Honestly, the only real drawback to this particular projector is its plastic exterior. The build quality is fairly good, but the casing definitely has a thin, plastic feel to it. This is probably the only area Optoma could have improved on this model.

This gaming projector is definitely intended to be utilized by hardcore gamers, though. It’s an extremely high quality projector that plays games from any console without lag, jitters, or other problems. The price, while not excessive for what you’re getting, definitely falls in the high-end category.

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Optoma GT1080 1080p 3D DLP Short Throw Gaming Projector
414 Reviews
Optoma GT1080 1080p 3D DLP Short Throw Gaming Projector
  • Screen Size Range: 111-inches from 4 feet; 166-inches from 6 feet
  • 2800 ANSI Lumens
  • Contrast Ratio: 25,000:1; Keystone Correction: Yes, Lens Shift: No

BenQ Gaming Projector

BenQ Gaming ProjectorNext up is the BenQ Gaming Projector. This is yet another model designed specifically for dedicated gaming enthusiasts.

Like the Optoma, this BenQ projector has remarkable picture quality, vivid colors, and is capable of creating a very large screen space to play games. It, too, has full HD capabilities, excellent brightness, and runs fairly quiet.

This model is a bit pricier than the GT1080 which is the main reason we believe the Optoma is the better option. There’s no doubt, though, that if you’re looking for a fantastic projector for gaming, the BenQ is a superb choice.

BenQ is a company that makes many different displays for gaming. They are best known for their awesome gaming PC monitors which have vivid colors, low latency, and other great features geared toward gamers.

BenQ HT2150ST 1080P Short Throw Projector | 2200 Lumens | 96% Rec.709 for Accurate Colors | Low Input Lag Ideal for Gaming | 2D Keystone for Flexible Setup
349 Reviews
BenQ HT2150ST 1080P Short Throw Projector | 2200 Lumens | 96% Rec.709 for Accurate Colors | Low Input Lag Ideal for Gaming | 2D Keystone for Flexible Setup
  • UNPARALLELED PICTURE QUALITY : Native 1080p Full HD image quality with 2200 ANSI...
  • VIDEO GAMES ON THE BIGGEST SCREEN: Superior short throw projection enables you...
  • HIGH RESPONSIVENESS: The specialized low input lag and unique game modes ensure...

Supemale 1080P Home Theater Video Projector

For those looking for a more budget-friendly option, the Supemale 1080P Home Theater Video Projector Supemale 1080P Home Theater Video Projectoris definitely one to look at. It’s far cheaper, still provides an awesome, clear picture, can create a 30 to 100 inch screen, and it’s easy to tote around.

It’s not the absolute best projector for gaming, but unless you’re a professional photographer or videographer it’s highly unlikely you’ll need a perfect machine to enjoy your games.

The Supemale 1080P Projector works well with PS3, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo based gaming consoles. All of these platforms are capable to connect to it via the HDMI input. Games run smoothly on the projector without any noticeable lag or stutter.

Overall, this Supemale projector is pretty good and is probably the best gaming projector for those on lower budgets. The color is vibrant, the projector is incredibly simple to setup and use, image clarity is excellent, and the price really makes this unit shine.

Supemale Video Projector,2000 Lumens,Support 1080P,20000 Hours Life Time Home Cinema Theater Multimedia Projector Support HD PC USB HDMI AV VGA
138 Reviews
Supemale Video Projector,2000 Lumens,Support 1080P,20000 Hours Life Time Home Cinema Theater Multimedia Projector Support HD PC USB HDMI AV VGA
  • HIGH BRIGHTNESS - 2000 lumens,The best choice at this price. Native Resolution:...
  • PORTABLE DESIGN - 2.8 lbs,Product Dimensions: 9x7.5x5.1inch, easy to take and...
  • MULTI-FUNCTION INTERFACE - including HDMI / VGA / USB / AV / TF Card, directly...

Crenova XPE460 LED Video Projector

Crenova XPE460 LED Video ProjectorAnother wallet-friendly alternative is the Crenova XPE460 LED Video Projector. This is an ultra-compact size home theater projector designed for use with laptops, smartphones, tablets, and, of course, video games.

The projector itself is much smaller than other models, but packs big punch in a small package. It can project video onto a screen 37 to 130 inches in size, supports full 1080p output, weighs just 2.8 pounds, and you get all of this with a sub-$100 price tag.

The video quality on the Crenova XPE460 isn’t quite as awesome as other models listed on this page, but it gets the job done. It’s definitely suitable for gamers that don’t need perfection. The color isn’t of the highest quality, but it’s still a decent projector.

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Crenova XPE460 video projector with 180' display, Full HD 1080P mini projector compatible with Fire TV Stick, Laptops, Games and iPhone/Android Smartphones for Home Theater
10 Reviews
Crenova XPE460 video projector with 180" display, Full HD 1080P mini projector compatible with Fire TV Stick, Laptops, Games and iPhone/Android Smartphones for Home Theater
  • +50% Brighter than ordinary projectorsNo needs to prepare a movie screen, you...
  • Mini projector with powerful built-in speaker Take it anywhere you want, for...
  • DECENT IMAGE AND VIDEO DISPLAY This Home Video Projector comes with 16,700 Full...

ViewSonic PJD5155 Projector

Another semi-affordable projector that works well for gaming is the ViewSonic PJD5155 3300 Lumens ViewSonic PJD5155 ProjectorSVGA HDMI Projector. This is a mid-range model with brilliant color, easy setup, and more. It’s an excellent choice for home theater or gaming purposes.

It’s not as cheap as the Supemale or the Crenova, but the brightness and picture quality is also significantly better compared to those projectors. The ViewSonic PJD5155 is recommended for use in education, business presentations, and home purposes.

The PJD5155 features two VGA ports, an HDMI input, composite video, and s-video ports. While it’s primarily meant to be utilized in schools and businesses, we found that it makes for a pretty great gaming screen as well. It’s not the best projector for gaming, but it’s still up to the task.

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ViewSonic PJD5155 3300 Lumens SVGA DLP Projector with HDMI
969 Reviews
ViewSonic PJD5155 3300 Lumens SVGA DLP Projector with HDMI
  • VERSATILE PROJECTOR: Advanced visual features ideal for use in education and...
  • BIG SCREEN PROJECTION: Projects between 30-300 inches
  • EASY SETUP: Simple setup and control; just plug & play your presentations,...

Epson VS240 SVGA 3LCD Projector

Epson VS240 SVGA 3LCD ProjectorFinally, we come to our last pick – the Epson VS240 SVGA 3LCD Projector. This is a compact and powerful projector that’s useful for everything from streaming movies from a PC to exploring the rich environments of Skyrim Remastered via an Xbox One console.

The Epson VS240 is capable of projecting a screen 32 to 200 inches in size and supports 1080p video (upscaled; native resolution is 800×600). Color and brightness on this model are both excellent.

This projector provides good value for the money, but we honestly believe the models listed above are better in terms of picture quality and performance. The VS240 runs well, operates quietly, and has a good picture, but the ViewSonic, Optoma, and BenQ models blow it out of the water.

Price wise, the Espon VS240 isn’t too expensive, but it’s not cheap, either. Nevertheless, it’s a good starter projector that’s easy to set up and it works relatively well with gaming consoles and PCs.

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Epson VS240 SVGA 3LCD Projector 3000 Lumens Color Brightness
435 Reviews
Epson VS240 SVGA 3LCD Projector 3000 Lumens Color Brightness
  • Look for two numbers: 3000 lumens Color Brightness for more accurate, vivid...
  • SVGA resolution (800 x 600) - for projecting basic presentations and graphics....
  • Fast, easy setup, only from Epson - get up and running in no time with easy...

Why Use a Projector for Gaming?

So, why should you even bother getting a projector for video games? Well, there are a couple of reasons. Below, we talk about the pros and cons of gaming on a projection-based screen.

Screen Size

One of the biggest advantages of using a projector is having the ability to get a massive display screen without shelling out big bucks for it. Just about any projector is capable of throwing out a screen 30 to 100 inches or larger in size.

Gaming with a Projector

While 30 inches may not be impressive – 100, 120, or even 160 (yes, some projectors can put out screens that huge) makes you feel as though you’re living like a king.

A TV that is 65 inches or larger will typically set you back $1,000 to $3,000 or more – easily. A projector capable of dishing out a 100 inch screen, on the other hand, can cost as little as $90. That’s a HUGE difference in price.


Another thing projectors have going for them is the portability factor. If you’re on the go a lot obviously you’re not going to be traveling with a 30 inch or larger TV at all times – that would be ridiculous. Alternatively, you can grab a projector which is much more compact and easy to travel with.

Models vary a bit in size, but there are many compact-sized gaming projectors that are perfect for the gamer on the go. They’re small, stow into carrying cases with ease, and are quick and easy to setup once you’ve reached your destination.

In case you were wondering – no, you do not have to tote around a projector screen if you don’t want to. While these special screens definitely make for a better viewing experience, projectors are more than capable of utilizing a large wall for display purposes.

What is the Best Gaming Projector for Me?

When it comes to selecting a display, there really isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. While we can definitely help narrow down the options, in the end you’ll need to factor in your own personal preferences and budget to make a decision on which projector best suits your needs.

Nevertheless, let’s talk about what you need to look for when looking for a gaming projector for console or PC games.

If you’re wanting to get a projector to use with the PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3, Nintendo Switch, or any other home gaming platform you’ll likely be fine going with a low to moderately priced model.

The budget and mid-range projector models often provide more than enough power for gamers to have a great experience when playing console titles such as Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, Overwatch, or Destiny. Unless you’re into highly competitive matches or have a thirst for the highest quality graphics – a mid-range projector will usually be all you need.

PC gamers, however, will likely want to play games such as Battlefield 1, Guild Wars 2, Fallout 4, and other graphically intensive titles on higher settings.

To do this, you’re going to need to invest in a higher-end gaming projector. Both the Optoma GT1080 and the BenQ Video Gaming Projector are excellent choices for PC gaming enthusiasts.

It’s also worth noting that these awesome projectors make for excellent gift ideas for gamers during the holidays, on birthdays, or for other special occasions.

Important Notes

Just a few disclaimers, if you will..

  1. It is highly recommended that you use screens designed for projectors for the best video quality possible with ANY projector.
  2. Some models list that they have 1080P capabilities, but, in some cases, they are upscaled 800 x 600 resolution only. The video quality is still decent on these models, but not perfect.
  3. For audio you’ll need a portable speaker with audio outputs or a home theater system.
  4. Lamps in projectors eventually have to be replaced. They typically last 10,000 hours or longer, but will need to be changed out at some point. Replacement bulbs vary in price depending on the make and model.

Overall, a good projector for gaming is great to have. There are a few disadvantages, as noted above, but, generally speaking, they are cost-effective and get the job done well.

TVs and monitors are still the standard, but gamers are beginning to take notice of the advantages of using a projector for consoles such as the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, as well as for PC gaming.

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