Best Mechanical Keyboards

A lot of time is spent setting up the perfect PC. You build it all from the ground up, ensuring you’ve got all the right specifications. You want it fast, versatile and effective and all the components build into that. However what’s often neglected is the keyboard and finding the right one makes a massive difference.

A keyboard for a gamer is your ultimate tool for success. It’s your control deck for all the commands and let’s you play the way you want. That’s why gamers know just how important having the right keyboard is for your set up.

So what makes a good keyboard? Well of course It’s partly down to personal preference and what feels comfortable to you. There’s a design element and you want to make sure that It suits the rest of your set up. Other than aesthetics there is the utility side- getting one which does the best job.

There have been various trends with keyboards in recent years, but right now for the ultimate keyboard you want to get your hands on a mechanical keyboard.

Mechanical Keyboards

Mechanical keyboards are the next stage in evolution for keyboards. They are built to work better, be more efficient and last longer than regular keyboards. They have a number of major differences to traditional keyboards you’ll find around.

Typically keyboards are built with rubber domes under the keys. These respond to the pressure you put on the keys, however this gives a pretty unsatisfying feel to typing and let’s be honest- It feels cheap.

Not only does It feel cheap It also means they’re less durable. You’ll find that these cheap knock off keyboards will break much more often and while they are cheaper up front they may well cost you more in the long run.

So mechanical keyboards have one major difference, they’re built with mechanical switches underneath. This gives a completely different feel when you’re using it and even makes it more effective. Keys will spring back up more quickly which means greater efficiency for gaming. In those fast paced games where every second counts this can make a huge difference.

Alongside this mechanical keyboards really raise the bar. They are available with a range of features including LED lighting, custom layout and increased functionality. Mechanical keyboards feel better, and are superior.

Tenkeyless Mechanical Keyboards

Tenkeyless keyboards are the same as standard keyboards but they don’t have a ten key number pad. This means that the keyboard is smaller than a standard keyboard, while It doesn’t have the keypad that means there are a number of advantages.

With a smaller keyboard you have much more desk space. This allows you full scope to move your mouse- perfect for gamers. You can arrange your set up so your right hand mouse is in line with your body making you more effective.

A Tenkeyless mechanical keyboard is more ergonomic and perfect for gaming.

Best Tenkeyless Mechanical Keyboards

There are a number of really well made, stylish and functional Tenkeyless keyboards which make gaming the ultimate experience. For all the details and benefits check out the definitive list of the best Tenkeyless Mechanical Keyboards around.

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