Bean Bag Gaming Chairs: Best Bean-Filled Seats for Gamers

Bean bag gaming chairs might just be the right option for you if you are looking for a cheaper option but with no compromise on comfort. Today, we’re going to talk about the pros and cons of using a bean-bag chair for playing video games and reveal which ones we think are worth getting.

Why Get Bean Bag Gaming Chairs?

Bean bag chairs are safe, cheap and fun! Whether you want one for your games room or living room, you can’t go wrong. Children adore them because they’re so much fun and adults just love to sink into one after a long day at work.

Bean Bag Gaming Chairs

You don’t have to use them just for gaming either. Bean bags brighten up any room in the house and kids certainly prefer them to normal chairs. They are excellent for heavy reading sessions and give fantastic support so that your back is fully supported no matter what position you find yourself in.

A bunch of bean bags are ideal for when the kids have their friends over or when the gamer of the household welcomes his gaming buddies over for an evening session.

Looking for an affordable option that isn’t so childish? Take a look at our list of fantastic, cheap gaming chairs to learn about models that won’t destroy your wallet, but provide plenty of value.

Intex Beanless Bag Inflatable Chair, 42' X 41' X 27', Gray
550 Reviews
Intex Beanless Bag Inflatable Chair, 42" X 41" X 27", Gray
  • 15 gauge vinyl sides and bottom
  • Neutral color and corduroy texture makes this a great addition to any room
  • Inflates quickly and can be deflated when more space is needed

What’s Inside a Bean Bag Chair?

Bean bags are not filled with beans! Well, not real beans anyway. Stuffed inside every bean bag are hundreds and thousands of small foam beans, made of Styrofoam. These make bean bag gaming chairs extremely comfortable because when you sink into one, it will adjust to support every contour of your body.

Bean Bag Chair for Gamers

If a bean bag chair doesn’t seem like the right fit for you, don’t worry – there are plenty of other options. Be sure to read our Xbox One gaming chair and PS4 gaming chair guides to learn about seats that may be better suited for your needs with these consoles.

Popular Fabrics

You can buy bean bag gaming chairs in many different types of textile such as polyester, leather, velvet, cotton, plush, corduroy and fleece. I prefer the softer, warmer fabrics in the winter and then something lighter such as cotton in the summer.

I have found that kids have no real preference as to the type of fabric, just as long as the colors are bright and vibrant. Leather bean bags are becoming ever more popular for living rooms because they look the part without losing any of their extreme comfort.

Sizes & Patterns

You will not be spoiled for choice when searching for a bean bag. You will find small ones for young children, right up to extra large adult sizes. The really big ones in leather look amazing when plonked in front of my gaming console!

iEX Bean Bag Gaming Chair

As for designs, you will find every color and pattern imaginable. Kids often demand bean bags with their favorite cartoon characters printed all over them and because they’re cheap, they can be replaced when a new favorite comes along.


Especially with bean bags for kids, make sure they’re machine washable because they’ll certainly need a spin now and again! Most fabric bean bags will be fine to put in your washing machine but do check first. Leather bean bags can be cared for the same as any other leather item and spilled beer will usually wipe right off.

Bean bags are a great way to give your living rooms a casual and comfortable appearance. If you are looking to convert a room into a gaming room, then bean bag gaming chairs are a perfect budget choice.

Bean Bag Gaming?

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