Welcome to Gamer Wares. What is this place, you ask? It’s a collection of news and reviews related to gaming accessories for consoles, computers, and mobile platforms. We test and analyze everything from controllers to headsets and beyond to help you spend your hard-earned cash on equipment that’s worthy to buy.

Gaming Accessories

It’s not easy to find quality, long-lasting accessories for gaming. Some brands are cheaply made, others don’t perform as well as they should. In other words, it’s a major pain in the rear trying to find the right piece of equipment. We make the task easier by showing you the good, the bad, and the ugly so you don’t have to burn hundreds of dollars testing out gear.

We test every piece of gaming gear for durability, functionality, and more. This gives you an in-depth look at every product and allows you to make an educated decision on what you should and should not buy.

On top of doing accessory reviews we also show off some of the coolest and nerdiest gamer toys, gadgets, and apparel. These make awesome gifts for friends & family or just fun pieces to buy for yourself.

We hope that you’ll find Gamer Wares helpful.

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