PS4 Slim Bundles: Best Console Packages for the Slimmer PS4

Now that Sony has officially announced the PS4 Pro and the PS4 Slim, they’re slowly but surely releasing details of the various offers that will be available for both. There are already tons of great PS4 bundles for the original version of the console, but now we’re learning about bundle deals for the PS4 Slim as well.

PS4 Slim Bundles

This week Sony announced a few different bundles that will be available this month and later in the year for the PS4 Slim. These bundles include hot games, the slimmer PlayStation 4 console, as well as all of the necessary accessories such as the power cord, HDMI cable, a controller, and so on.

Infinite Warfare

First up is the Infinite Warfare PS4 Slim Bundle. This one comes packaged with download codes for both Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare and the remastered version of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. It’s also one of the very few deals that gives gamers a chance to snag the 1TB version of the Slim console. Other variations of this bundle are expected to be announced in the near future.

Infinite Warfare PS4 Slim Bundle

Uncharted 4

Next we have the Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End bundle. This will has been confirmed to cost $300 and will include a copy of the Uncharted 4 game, a 500GB PS4 Slim, and the required components for the system itself. This bundle will be available beginning on September 15th, 2016. Currently, it is only expected to debut in the United States, but may be available in other countries at a later date.

Uncharted 4 PS4 Slim Bundle

NHL 17

Canadians will get a special NHL 17 bundle that will release on 9/16 as well. This, of course, comes with the latest iteration of the popular hockey title, the 500GB version of the PS4 Slim, and the necessary wires, controller, and so on. According to Sony this bundle will retail for around $380 CAD.

NHL 17 PS4 Slim Bundle

Persona 5

Coming to Japan on 9/15 is yet another PS4 Slim bundle. This one is packaged with Persona 5, the 500GB system, and the standard accessories. Sony stated that this deal will be available for 38,990 yen. It may make an appearance in other markets around the globe and is expected to cost around $350-$400.

Concluding Thoughts

Additional bundles for the PS4 Slim are likely to be announced in the next month or so. With the holidays right around the corner it wouldn’t be surprising to see Sony come out with another 3 to 5 of these package deals to help boost sales of the slimmer PlayStation 4.

On top of that, it’s highly likely that Sony will begin announcing PS4 Pro bundles as well. This is the more advanced version of the PlayStation 4 with enhanced graphics, a bulkier build, and an updated controller design. The PS4 Pro console doesn’t release until November 10th.

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