PS4 Compatible Headsets: The Best Headsets Made for PlayStation 4

Looking to upgrade your audio experience for your games on the PlayStation 4? A great headset can do just that. But what do you need to look for in a gaming headset? Well, there are a few different things you need to keep an eye out for. Below, we talk about what makes a great headset and reveal some of the best PS4 compatible headsets available today.

PS4 Compatible Headsets

The first thing you need to do is find gaming headset brands that are actually compatible with the PlayStation 4 console. Different manufacturers create different models that can be used with various game platforms including the PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Looking for a quick overview? Here are our top picks for PS4 compatible headsets:

  1. Astro Gaming A40 TR HeadsetPS4 Compatible Headsets
  2. SkullCandy PLYR1 Wireless Gaming Headset
  3. LucioSound LS30 Wireless Universal Gaming Headset
  4. HyperX Cloud Revolver Gaming Headset
  5. Turtle Beach Stealth 520P Gaming Headset
  6. Turtle Beach Ear Force Stealth 500P Wireless Headset
  7. HyperX Cloud Gaming Headset
  8. PlayStation Gold Wireless Stereo Headset
  9. Turtle Beach Ear Force Recon 50P Headset

Further down the page we provide summaries with additional info on each pair.

Obviously if you own a PS4, you want to focus on brands that offer models compatible with that console.

Some brands that make PS4 headsets include:

  • Turtle Beach
  • HyperX
  • PlayStation
  • VersionTech
  • Tritton
  • Astro
  • Plantronics
  • SkullCandy
  • Sades

Things that differentiate brands include the style of the headset, quality of the audio output, mic quality, price, and various other aspects. All of the brands listed above make several phenomenal PS4 compatible headsets (as well as Xbox One headsets and models for the PC).

Best Models

Looking for a top-of-the-line headset? These days there are hundreds of high-quality gaming headsets that work with consoles like the PS4. Finding the right one can be hard, though. There are so many brands, styles, and features to choose from that it can make your head spin.

Below, we list our 5 top picks to help narrow down your selection. All of the models listed below are fully compatible with PS4.

Astro Gaming A40 TR Headset

ASTRO’s A40 headset is pretty much known as the gold-standard in the console gaming community. It ASTRO Gaming A40 TR Headsetprovides an amazing audio experience, fits well on most people (thanks to very flexible adjustment settings), comes with an included professional mix amp, and it’s built to stand the test of time.

You’ll be hard pressed to find many people that will complain about the A40. The audio is crisp and clear on it both for game audio and chat. The bundled mix amp allows you to easily adjust the volume levels for either, too.

In addition to that, this is one of the most comfortable and long-lasting PS4 gaming headsets out there. The headband is padded and doesn’t feel like a stiff weight on your head after hours of gameplay. The ear cups are also well cushioned and have customizable speaker tags on the exterior.

The Astro A40 gaming headset is equipped with Dolby 7.1 surround sound that gives you an upper-hand in competitive games by letting your hear every movement of your enemies. It also provides an awesome, fully immersive auditory experience on single player titles.

We highly recommend checking out the ASTRO’s A40 headset if you’re a dedicated gamer that’s looking for premium sound.

SkullCandy PLYR1 Wireless Gaming Headset

Skullcandy PLYR1 7.1 Surround Sound Wireless Gaming Headset

SkullCandy PLYR1 7.1 Surround Sound Wireless Gaming Headset. This one is fully compatible with PS4 (as well as PC, the PS3, and Xbox 360) and it’s slightly less expensive than the A40 set mentioned above.

The SkullCandy PLYR1 delivers incredible game and chat audio via proprietary technology with a system that gives you both thumping lows and crisp, crunchy high-ends. It even has multiple audio modes including a dedicated gaming mode, settings for music, and a mode specifically for incredible bass boosting.

This PS4 compatible headset also has an adjustable boom mic. The mic even has a unique mute function where the user simply needs to flip the mic up to completely mute voice audio.

Another notable quality of this particular headset is that it has great battery life. On a full charge this wireless headset can last between 10 and 12 hours. It does, however, take roughly 2 to 3 hours to completely charge the battery.

LucidSound LS30 Wireless Universal Gaming Headset

Our next pick is the LucidSound LS30 Wireless Universal Gaming Headset. This one works with the LucidSound LS30 Wireless Universal Gaming HeadsetPlayStation 4, as well as practically any other video game console, smartphones, tablets, and other audio devices. It’s a bit more affordable than our top 2 picks and still packs some serious audio punch.

The LS30 is an insanely comfortable headset to wear no matter how long you plan to play your games. It fits well over the ears and doesn’t irritate the topside of your head during long gaming sessions. It’s made with memory-foam ear pads and the headband is well padded, too.

This headset gives a truly premium sound experience, too. There are controls that dictate the levels of both game and chat volume, plus easily accessible buttons that allow you to quickly and easily mute game or party chat sound in a flash.

The LucidSound LS30 is an outstanding gaming headset, but it can also double as a great pair of headphones for all of your other audio needs. The wireless range is very impressive as well. They’re super easy to set up, look great, feel amazing on your head, and, most importantly, the audio is incredible.

HyperX Cloud Revolver Gaming Headset

HyperX Cloud Revolver Gaming Headset

Our 4th selection is the HyperX Cloud Revolver Gaming Headset. This particular model is compatible with the PS4, PC, and, Xbox One (with a special adapter). It provides studio-quality audio, is made with plushy memory foam padding, has a sturdy steel frame, and the mic is detachable.

This headset has a very modern look, too. It’s mostly black with a dark red trim around the headband and red accents on the earpieces as well. It looks really slick and, unless you picked up the white Destiny-themed PS4 console, it’ll look great beside your system.

Unlike some cheaper headset models, the HyperX Cloud Revolver doesn’t produce any feedback, buzzing, or popping sounds. It’s been thoroughly tested on multiple platforms to ensure great audio quality and it shows – this thing sounds great!

This is an all-around great headset for use with the PS4. It produces clear high-ends, great lows, is very comfortable to wear during long gaming sessions, and it’s priced really well considering the quality you’re getting with it.

Turtle Beach Stealth 520P Gaming Headset

Finally, our 5th pick is the Turtle Beach Stealth 520 Premium Wireless Gaming Headset. This is the mostTurtle Beach Stealth 520 Premium Wireless Gaming Headset affordable option in our five choices for best PS4 headsets. It features DTS 7.1 surround sound, works on both the PS4 and PS4 Pro, is completely wireless, and dishes out brilliant game and chat audio.

Don’t let the price tag fool you on this model. You get a lot of bang for your buck with the Turtle Beach 520P headset. It’s completely wireless which is great for gamers that have mic cords limiting their mobility, has superb audio, and gives you a clear advantage over opponents in multiplayer games like Call of Duty and Battlefield.

This headset looks pretty cool, too. It’s mostly black with a thin line of blue that goes around the ear cups. The boom mic is detachable and is set on a flexible, yet sturdy rod that gives you the freedom to position the mic as you wish.

This model is fully compatible with the standard PlayStation 4 console, as well as the PS4 Pro. It does have a few issues with the PS4 Slim, though. Other than that it’s a great headset that gives you a premium sound and feel without costing an arm and a leg.

Budget-Priced PS4 Headsets

Don’t have $100 or more to invest in a headset? No worries… there are plenty of options available under that price point that are still fantastic and won’t burn a hole in your pocket.

Below we reveal what we believe are the best budget-priced gaming headsets that are compatible with the PlayStation 4 console. We selected these headsets based on audio performance, build quality, and overall value.

Turtle Beach Ear Force Stealth 500P Wireless Headset

Turtle Beach Ear Force Stealth 500P Wireless Gaming Headset

First up on our budget list is the Turtle Beach Ear Force Stealth 500P Wireless Gaming Headset. It is exceptionally rare that you find a PS4 headset (or one for PC or other consoles) in this price range that isn’t wired. But the 500P is fully wireless, has 7.1 surround sound, features a long-lasting battery, and more.

The 7.1 DTS surround sound on this headset is where it puts forth its weight in gold. The sound is amazing, especially for a headset of this price. It will fully immerse you in your favorite video games from Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 to Uncharted 4 and beyond.

The Stealth 500P is great for both game and chat audio. So, if you’re a competitive gamer that’s looking to get an edge in matches by hearing where your enemies are coming from – this headset rocks. Or, if you just want to dive deep into the ambient sounds of Skyrim Remastered – it’s great for that, too.

Did we mention how great the battery life on this headset is? Seriously… it’s ridiculous. On a full charge the headset can last for up to 15 hours of use. That blows most wireless gaming headsets away considering a lot have run times of 8 to 10 hours at most. It’s definitely one of the longest-lasting PS4 compatible headsets on the market right now.

HyperX Cloud Gaming Headset

Next up is the HyperX Cloud Gaming Headset from Kingston. This is easily one of the most popular and HyperX Cloud Gaming Headsethighest rated headsets available that is compatible with the PlayStation 4 console. Available in black or white variations this is a serious contender for best PS4 headset overall.

The headset is lightweight and very comfortable wear. It features cushy memory foam ear cups that don’t cause fatigue or irritation. The headband is also well padded and makes this model ideal for gamers that stay up all night, collecting the tears of their fallen opponents.

The HyperX Cloud Gaming Headset has become a world-renowned name in the gaming industry. It’s the official headset of professional gaming teams such as SK-Gaming and Team Liquid. HyperX itself is one of the most widely supported brands in all eSports, too.

This headset comes prepackaged with the Cloud Gaming Headset, an airplane adapter, a set of leather ear cups, a set of velour ear cups, and a mesh bag that can be used to house the headset whenever you’re traveling – whether it be to a gaming tournament or just your best bud’s house.

PlayStation Gold Wireless Stereo Headset

PlayStation Gold Wireless Stereo Headset

Our third pick when it comes to budget-priced headsets that are compatible with the PS4 is none other than the official PlayStation Gold Wireless Stereo Headset. When the PS4 first released back in 2013 this headset was far more expensive. It has since come down in price, but still provides gamers with premium audio and an excellent headset build for practically any game.

This headset features 7.1 virtual surround sound that pumps out thumping lows, clear highs, and its noise-cancelling mic makes coordinating with your team or just chatting with friends a breeze. This is also one of the only PS4 compatible headsets specifically designed by the PlayStation team. It is fine-tuned to give the best experience possible on many of the most popular video games available on PS4.

The PlayStation Gold Wireless Stereo Headset is very comfortable to wear. The ear cups have thick foam padding, as does the headband. It’s also possible to customize the headset a bit by changing out the detachable faceplate.

This headset is capable of connecting to the PlayStation 4 console wirelessly. It can also connect to other devices such as the PS3, a PC, the PS Vita portable gaming system, or any audio device that utilizes a 3.5mm audio cable for audio output.

Turtle Beach Ear Force Recon 50P Headset

Last, but not least, we come to the most affordable headset of all – the Turtle Beach Ear Force Recon 50PTurtle Beach Ear Force Recon 50P Stereo Gaming Headset Stereo Gaming Headset. This is a mid-level headset that’s compatible with both the PS4 and the PS4 Pro. It’s a fantastic option for gamers on a strict budget.

While it doesn’t pack digital surround sound like the other models listed on this page, it’s still decent for both game and chat audio. It has a high-sensitivity mic which produces clear vocals and you can hear your friends on it without having to strain your ears.

The Ear Force Recon 50P is lightweight and pretty comfy to wear. The build quality isn’t as great as some of the premium models from Turtle Beach, but it’s still a sturdy construction that provides both functionality and comfort in one package.

The headset also features in-line controls that allow you to quickly and easily adjust the overall volume or even mute your mic. Volume is adjusted by turning a dial while muting and un-muting the mic is as simple as flipping a switch. It’s a fantastic mic that holds up well even against other PS4 compatible headsets.


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