12 Best Budget-Priced Gaming Chairs for PC and Console Players

Want a great gaming chair to compliment your awesome gaming setup, but don’t want to fork out a ton of cash? No worries – there are plenty of incredible models available that are great to look at, comfy to sit in, and not too heavy on the wallet! Today, we’re unveiling our best budget gaming chair list. Read below to find out which chairs made the cut.

Best Budget Gaming Chairs for Avid Gamers

Gaming chairs can be pretty pricey. Popular brands like DXRacer, AKRacing, and Maxnomic all sell great seats, but most are $300 or more. For some people, that’s just way too much.

The good news, though, is that you don’t have to be sitting on a wad of cash to get a quality chair to keep you looking and feeling great while playing your favorite games on PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, or any other platform.

Best Budget Gaming Chair

Below, we’ve compiled a list of what we believe are the best gaming chairs for people with a relatively low budget. The prices of the chairs listed below range from $70 to $150 – that’s only half what you’d pay for a DXRacer and much more reasonable.

All that said… let’s jump straight into the list. We’ll start by telling you what we believe is the absolute best budget gaming chair and then provide a slew of alternatives as well.

#1 – Best Budget Gaming Chair Overall: Homall Executive Swivel Leather Gaming Chair

If you’re looking to get a lot of bang for your buck, it’s impossible to go wrong with the Homall Executive Swivel Leather Gaming Chair. A racing-style chair with impressive looks, great lumbar support, and a comfy headrest – this chair is hard to beat for the price.

This particular model of Homall gaming chair is ergonomic, has the ability to fully recline back, features 360 degree swivel, has wheels the move smoothly across the floor, and it supports gamers up to 300 pounds in weight.

It’s extremely comfortable, looks awesome, is built well, and is very affordable making it an excellent choice for gamers looking for a good budget-priced gaming chair for their setup.

The chair is available in red, white, and yellow color schemes.

NOTE: There’s also a more basic version that’s even cheaper if you need something under $100.

#2 – New Gaming High-Back Ergonomic Racing Chair

Another model to consider is the New Gaming High-Back Ergonomic Racing Chair. It has an awesome, sporty look to it, is moderately priced, and feels pretty nice to sit in as well. The chair can support up to 250 pounds, adjust from 17.5 inches to 20.5 inches seat height level, can recline back 180 degrees, and swivel.

This chair is currently available in white, red, or blue color configurations. It’s a fantastic chair at a great price for gamers on a budget.

#3 – Furmax High-Back Executive Gaming Chair

Coming in third place on our list of top budget gaming chairs is the Furmax High-Back Executive Gaming Chair. This one is a bit more simplistic than our top two picks, but it’s also cheaper and still a superb seat for both PC and console gaming purposes.

Furmax High-Back Executive Gaming Chair

It’s covered in wear-resistant PU leather, has breathable mesh to keep your back and butt cool, features a pneumatic gas lift to adjust the height, PU casters that don’t mark up your floors, and provides ample comfort for your entire body.

This Furmax gaming chair can hold people up to 280 pounds in weight, can adjust from 20 inches to 24.4 inches in seat height, and is available in black, blue, green, red, red/black, and even multi-color.

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#4 – Giantex Executive Swivel Gaming Chair

Next on the roster is the Giantex Executive Swivel Gaming Chair – an incredible looking chair that provides all of the essentials, great build quality, and a reasonable price point. The chair looks rad, is super comfortable, and is priced very competitively next to similar models from other brands.

Giantex Executive Swivel Gaming Chair

This Giantex gaming chair features adjustable height, full swivel and rocking capabilities, a heavy-duty 5-point base for superb stability, and PU mesh material on the chair and armrests that’s both functional and cozy.

The Giantex Executive Swivel Gaming Chair comes in a white, black, and red color scheme. The seat height can be raised from 17.7 inches to 21.6 inches. The weight capacity of the chair is 250 pounds.

#5 – Merax Stylish Devil’s Eyes Series Gaming Chair

Our next selection for best budget gaming chair is the Merax Stylish Devil’s Eyes Series Gaming Chair. This is a high-back, racing-style seat with a sporty design, ridiculously comfy cushioning, high quality PU leather and mesh, and more.

This is one of the easiest chairs to setup, it’s ultra comfortable, the build quality is superb, and – of course – it’s very inexpensive. This Merax chair is just as good as similar models priced at $250 or more from premium brands such as DXRacer or NeedForSeat.

This Merax model is currently available in red, orange, blue, green, and white color configurations. Seat height adjusts from 17.5 inches to 20.5 inches.

#6 – OFM Essentials Racing Style Leather Gaming Chair

The next chair we’ve picked out for our list of the most affordable gaming chairs is the OFM Essentials Racing Style Leather Gaming Chair. This one is great for home or office use and is designed, much like other brands, to have the appearance of a luxury sports car seat.

The chair is contoured ergonomically to help provide ample lumbar support, swivels, has plenty of cloud-like padding to keep your body feeling great all over, has height adjustment, can recline back, and the arms even flip up for extra room.

This OFM gaming chair is made very well and built to last. It’s incredibly durable and is capable of supporting individuals up to 250 pounds. It also comes with a 3-year limited warranty.

This particular model is available in either a black and green or gray and black coloring.

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#7 – IDS High-Back Leather Gaming Racing Chair

The IDS High-Back Leather Gaming Racing Chair is another fantastic choice for gamers looking for one of the best budget gaming chair models available. It’s stylish, has 360-degree swivel, is made with soft PU leather upholstering, and is undeniably comfy.

This is a high-back office-style gaming chair that provides great support for long hours of gaming, studying, or hard work. The chair is very easy to clean, has high-quality construction, and has caster wheels that roll on most hard surfaces very smoothly.

This IDS gaming chair is available in black or a red and black color scheme. It supports persons up to 280 pounds.

#8 – LANGRIA High-Back Racing Style Gaming Chair

Next up is the LANGRIA High-Back Racing Style Gaming Chair. This is a great model in terms of quality, price, and the colorful styles its available in. It’s covered in a quality faux leather, has a very premium look to it, and is ideal for gaming or work usage.

This Langria gaming chair features an ergonomic high-back design, tilt functionality with a locking feature, 360-degree swivel for a full range of motion, and a durable build that will hold up for years.

The chair is available in red, orange, or grey variants, is very affordable, and is designed to hold gamers up to 264 pounds. It’s quite comfortable, priced well, and good quality for the money.

#9 – Merax High Back Spacious Racing Style Gaming Chair

The last office / racing style option on our list of the best budget gaming chair models is the Merax High Back Spacious Racing Style Gaming Chair. Yes, another Merax chair! We honestly love the chairs from this company. This one, like most of their models, has a very sturdy build, looks ridiculously cool, and is as comfortable as gaming chairs come.

This particular model has extra thick padding on many areas of the chair, comes with a free lumbar pillow for your lower back, and is quite roomy as well.

The chair has adjustable height that goes from 18 to 20 inches, reclines up to 160 degrees back (plus locks in place), has an incredibly sturdy base, and is made with premium PU leather that both looks and feels great.

The Merax Spacious High-Back Gaming Chair comes in white (pictured above), blue, red, or yellow. All of the color options have a great look. Be sure to get one that matches the coloring of your gaming setup!

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#10 – X Rocker 5127401 Pedestal Video Gaming Chair

The X Rocker line of gaming chairs is pretty popular – albeit mostly among kids and teens. Despite that, though, they actually make some decent chairs that are both nifty and affordable. The X Rocker 5127401 Pedestal Video Gaming Chair is an excellent example of this.

This pedestal-style video game chair is raised off the ground and fitted to a base. It doesn’t have the ability to adjust the height or roll around, but it’s still quite a comfortable chair to sit in plus it has built-in speakers to play game audio through.

The X Rocker 5127401 is compatible with Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo brand consoles. The chair is definitely suited for console players, not so much for PC gamers.

This chair is similar to the X Rocker 51396 gaming chair which is one we recommend very highly for console players – especially those on the Xbox One and PS4 platforms.

#11 – X Rocker 5142201 Commander 2.1 Audio Gaming Chair

Another one of the best budget gaming chair models available from the same company is the X Rocker 5142201 Commander 2.1 Audio Gaming Chair. This one is a bit more modern looking, has even more padding for user comfort, and is also a pedestal-base chair.

As with the X Rocker chair mentioned above, the Commander doesn’t have the ability to adjust height or have casters to move around. It’s designed to be a stationary piece of furniture for your game room, bedroom, or wherever else your console calls home.

This is another model that we only recommend to console gamers. It’s not really meant to be used at a desk – it’s best suited for being parked directly in front of a TV.

The X Rocker Commander chair also has a built-in 2.1 stereo system that can be used for outputting video game audio, music, or any other audio source that utilizes a headphone or RCA output.

#12 – BirdRock Home Adjustable 14-Position Gaming Chair

Finally, to wrap up our list of the best affordable game chair options we have the BirdRock Home Adjustable 14-Position Gaming Chair. This is a truly unique model. It looks more like a standard piece of living room furniture and sits on the floor, but it’s easily one of the comfiest chairs you’ll ever have the pleasure of using.

The BirdRock gaming chair is capable of being positioned in 14 different positions from a standard 90-degree, back-supportive upright position to nearly lying fully back and everything in-between.

The chair itself is super soft and made with dense memory foam. It’s so soft and cuddly feeling you’ll probably do more sleeping in it than gaming. Seriously – it’s THAT comfy.

This BirdRock chair is available in a multitude of colors including blue, brown, grey, lime, pink, and many more. It’s also extremely easy to fold up and stow away when not in use. The chair is great for both young and more mature gamers.


Whether you’re aiming to become a popular Twitch streamer, blow up on YouTube, or just enjoy gaming as a hobby – a great gaming chair is essential to your comfort and gaming experience.

Yes, you could just stick to using that stiff-as-a-board kitchen chair, the living room sofa, or your bed – but those don’t typically offer the support or comfort that a dedicated video game chair does. We highly recommend getting a chair both for personal comfort and to add even more kick-butt style to your favorite gaming setup.

We hope that our list of the best budget gaming chair models has helped you find a seat that’s perfect for your needs, your wants, and, of course – your wallet!

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